See Who Is Going To Win Headies Next Rated 2016(Poll Results)

So we’ve come to conclusion on the Headies Next Rated poll we’ve ran for the past 1 month. Here we are going to show you the people who lead the poll and the person who is going to win it.
Checkout the result we got from the poll we conducted.

You can see from the screenshot above.

We all know five people were nominated, we have; (Humblesmith,Aramide,Mr. Eazi, Ycee and Tekno)
So as expected TEKNO had the highest votes, followed by YCEE and followed by MR. EAZI.
And we can basically tell you this is how the voting result is going to look on Headies website too, no doubt. The problem here is Headies isn’t only going to use your votes alone to decide, so we are going to tell you the most likely artiste to win this award below.

Out of the 5 nominees the award is between 3 nominees which are Tekno,Mr Eazi and Ycee, don’t get us wrong the other two are great but they can’t match up with the three we mentioned above so they are not up for consideration.


We all know Tekno is supposed to win this thing judging from the poll and how well he did this year, sadly Tekno is most likely not going to win the Headies Next Rated why? Tekno fucked up. After getting nominated for the next rated media houses started writing articles that Tekno is already bigger than a next rated nomination so he let that got into his head and he went on instagram to diss headies saying he is bigger than a next rated nomination whereas he is not because he does not have an album yet, so unless Tekno apologizes Headies judges are totally not going to give him an award they believe he doesn’t value.

So the award is officially between this two, in the poll we conducted ycee lead mr. eazi with 70+ votes which means Mr. Eazi may beat him in the poll on headies website and he may not. But the thing is; Ycee has done well but truth be told Mr. Eazi did better, dropped a lot of beautiful music within the year in review, his music is still breaking bounds and he is loved by many music personalities so they are totally going to prefer Mr Eazi over Ycee.

Like we told you last year Reekado Banks would win and we were right, well we are now telling you that:


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