Star Entertainer: Dr. CrazeClown Full Biography (Papa-Ade)

We know many of you want to know more about the Instagram star “Papa Ade” already, even though we don’t have a very detailed bio yet, T.I.N Magazine is working on getting an interview with the star entertainer. But in the meantime checkout the brief bio we managed to get on him below.
FULL NAME:             Emmanuel Ogonna IwuekeDATE OF BIRTH:      December 24th 1991OCCUPATION:         Comedian,YouTuber,Actor,Medical Doctor

MARITAL STATUS:   Not married






Emmanuel Iwueke popularly known as Crazeclown and Papa-Ade is a Nigerian entertainer, He became a star by making short comedy skits on Instagram and YouTube, as of 2015 his social media video views are said to be close to a hundred million views. He is at the moment based in Ukraine.
He became an ambassador to NairaBet in 2016.


Crazeclown was born on December 24th 1991 to the Iwuekes, a family of five, four
boys and a girl and he is the third child…
His dad hails from imo
state, while his mum is from edo state, Crazeclown is a simple person with a widely limited edition
of himself.
Both His mum and dad are into same business, they are
both in medicine and drugs(pharmacist for short) and they are both from
royal families according to him, he believes he is double prinnce.

On his page he talked about his parents, his words below;
I Love my
MUM more than EVERY other thing in the word, they say Love is Blind and
there is no love at first sight but From the Day i was born i Loved my
mum and am really blinded by the love because no matter how much she
annoys me i always run back to her begging for her love(yeah yeah my dad
can get jealous am no homo*LOL) and for my Dad, he is the kinda father
you just wanna annoy at every point in time and even sometimes spank him
because he is annoying as well but on the other hand you don’t wanna lose
a diamond, i love him to bits.

He finished his high school in 2008, and he has been to schools like Delsu, Unimaid
and Ghana but he is currently in Kharkiv National Medical
University,in his 5th year as of 2015.
He  is majorly into; comedy, MC, acting and in general he likes
being the centre of attraction to what makes people happy.


He started comedy and acting from an early age. He used to lead his peers
in acting and social events,he also have been hosting events since his
high school days. He is madly in love with his area of study(Medicine) and Passionately love Entertainment.

Crazeclown came into limelight between 2013-2014 via making short comedy skits on instagram and YouTube, most of his videos are about African parents and their kids. He his said to have gotten close to 100million social media video views already.

He is popularly known to be PAPA ADE because that is the role he plays in his comedy skits. Crazeclown is among the most followed Nigerians on Instagram and definitely the biggest social media comedian in the country at the moment. His social media fans are not just youths alone, he’s got adults,celebrities and politicians following him on social media.

As of the moment, crazeclown is not just an instagram star anymore but a professional entertainer as he features in anything called entertainment even music.

Speaking with House Of Maliq Magazine in 2015, he revealed his upcoming projects;
What are your upcoming projects? Emmanuel Ogonna ?
I’m trying to set up my brand called “Craze Productions” and my TV
series called “HOUSE OF CRAZE”.I hope that my TV series will go on TV
stations,it would be produced under Craze Productions.I am working with
Victor.O.Frank, he is the C.E.O of Studio-Four Productions. He was the
winner of the MTN short documentary competition in 2014, he is an expert
with the camera. My fans will be able to watch longer skits on you-tube
and even continuous tv series soon. Also, my website is under
construction where my fans can purchase shirts with funny captions will
be designed-on each shirt. 

Dr. Crazeclown organized a competition tagged Common Sense in 2015, the competition ran for
four weeks with winners emerging every week. Winners weekly went home
with $500.

For Thespian_nozy, the first winner of the competition’s $500, the
money came in time as it was used to pay for a surgical operation that
saved him from an untimely death.

He lost his lovely Dad in October 2015, it was a sad event. But the star believes The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh. He shared the sad news with his social media fans a few days after and they mourn with him.
Crazeclown seems to be a very prayerful and God-fearing type it shows in his social-media comments and videos.
He got a deal with Nairabet in January 2016, an endorsement deal said to be worth millions of Naira.


Won a couple awards already,
Naija FM Comedy Jam Awards as the online sensation of the year 2015, also won at the Naija Youths choice awards.

NairaBet ambassador 2016.
Ade and Papa Ade