Two days after Jboy’s burial, i made up my mind to go back to my apartment but Chioma fought very hard to prevent me from leaving. “what’s pursuing you from my home. Isn’t it better you continue staying with me until you settle issues with Mary” she protested, “you are right baby, but don’t worry. I can take care of myself. I can’t continue hiding from her. I don’t want to give the impression that i’m scared. I equally plan on visiting her this evening” i explained. She breathed deeply and shrugged. “very well then, but i don’t see the sense in hurrying to leave my apartment which you know is very safe” she murmured with resignation. I kissed and hugged her. On getting to my apartment later in the day, i was informed by a neighbour that two ladies checked up on me the previous day. The descriptions i was given matched that of Mary and her sister. I was a bit nervous over the information. I couldn’t imagine what was their plan, showing up at my house but refusing to answer my phone-calls. “What are they up to?” i wondered. By 7:30pm, i freshened up, dialled Mary’s phone number again but as usual she refused answering. I cursed under my breathe, grabbed my car keys and headed out of my apartment.
My mind raced wildly as i drove towards Mary’s house. I was uncertain of the fate that awaited me there. My spirit was weak but i was determined to reach a compromise with her. The only thing i prayed for, was to meet Mary alone in the house. I couldn’t stand her elder sister and i had no doubt that things would turn out badly if i was unlucky to meet the obnoxious lady. As I got close to Mary’s apartment, i called Chioma to tell her about my movement and equally hear her sweet reassuring voice but unfortunately she didn’t answer my phone call. I breathed deeply, dropped the phone and drove on. Exactly ten minutes later. I arrived at Mary’s place, knocked nervously on the door and prayed silently. The door was soon flung open by no other person than Mary’s obnoxious sister. She frowned on seeing me while i smiled politely. My phone rang that moment, drawing my attention. I stared at it for a while, not sure to answer the call or not, since it was Chioma who was calling. “hey how far” i finally answered, but the voice that spoke to me wasn’t Chioma’s, “good evening sir, your friend just had a car accident.
Please can you come over to St. James hospital, at hospital road. I hope you know the place? Our sign post is lighted, once you get to hospital road, just drive straight you will see the place” a female voice announced, sending cold shiver down my spine. “hello sir! Are you there?” i heard the caller ask, “yeah i’m coming right away” i replied and hung up, while Mary’s sister scanned me with her cold annoying eyes. Chioma never told me she was going anywhere that fateful evening, and I couldn’t help but wonder how the accident could have happened. “First it was Jboy, now Chioma. What’s happening?” i wondered as i stood facing Mary’s sister.

“please i just got an emergency call. I’ll be back” i nervously
explained to Mary’s sister, turned and ran out without bothering to wait
for her reply. I didn’t know what to think as i roughly drove to the
hospital almost colliding with other cars in the process. “God please
don’t let something bad happen to her. I can’t afford losing anyone
again. I just buried my best friend days ago” i cried passionately.

got to the hospital twelve minutes later, and was directed to the
emergency room where i found my sweetheart lying calmly with eyes open. I
breathed deeply and rushed to her side, kneeling beside the bed.
“oh precious, what happened?” i asked nervously. She weakly smiled and
grabbed my left hand. “i’m ok my love. It was just a minor accident. I
went to buy recharge card across the street, suddenly from nowhere, a
car ran into the shop almost killing the shop owner and i. But we were
lucky to escape with just bruises. Though i fainted due to the impact of
the accident and was brought here. The nurses revived me, after which i
begged one of them to call you” she explained weakly while i heaved a
sigh of relief. “Thank you God” i breathed. “the bills has been paid by
the useless driver.

He was lucky to escape the accident without a
scratch. So how did it go with Mary?” she asked curiously, “i never got
to meet her because i received the information about the accident as
soon as i got to her apartment and so had to run back” i replied.
“seriously i’m a bit frightened. It’s not as if i’m superstitious but
this accident got me worried. remember how she warned me weeks back,
using Jboy as an example. Do you think this accident could be related or
linked to her in a way?” she asked curiously. I gasped inside, but
covered my fear with a reassuring smile. “don’t let such idea get into
your head. It was just an ordinary accident that happens everywhere” i
murmured reassuringly. But deep down her question embedded in my mind.
Could it be that Mary has a mysterious power or force protecting her
interest?” i wondered.
If it is real then i might also in danger. I could be the next. I have
to be careful, very careful” i concluded and kissed Chioma’s forehead….
We spent a long night at the hospital. A very restless night it was for
us. I never slept because the place was so uncomfortable and creepy to
me. Moreover i had no place to lay down my head.

Very early the next
morning, Chioma was discharged. We returned to her apartment happy and
relieved. “Thank God the scare is over. You couldn’t imagine how scared i
was when i got a call about the accident” i said and hugged my pretty
queen. “baby you know for a second i thought i was going to die. I
thought it was all over as i saw the car heading to my direction with
full speed. I couldn’t do anything. I just froze like a statue as it
almost ran over me” she recounted quietly. I held her tightly, caressing
her back. “but there is something you need to do for me” she added,
breathing deeply. “just mention it dear” i encouraged her. “i really
need to see a pastor. A friend recommended one for me some days back,
and you have to go with me” she appealed while i kept very still. I
hated such a topic. I hated having anything to do with pastors.
“we have to go together.

We need prayers above any other thing” she
continued solemnly, “i have heard you my love. Yes we will go but not
today. You need to rest and get your full energy back” i answered
calmly, forcing her to oblige.
I spent the greater part of the day with her before heading to the
office where i got some files i was yet to finish working on and took
them to my apartment. I really was lucky i wasn’t working for a private
establishment. I would have been fired with the lazy way i was carrying
out my duties which truly wasn’t very tasking. Early the next morning,
Chioma woke me up with a phone call.
“my love i had a very terrible nightmare, we have to see the pastor
today. There is no need delaying, I have already booked an appointment
with him. I’m coming over to your house” she informed me. I bit my lips
and cursed. I felt like declining to go with her but had no choice than
to respect her wish. By 11am, we were at the pastor’s office, where a
special prayer was held for us.

We prayed for about thirty five minutes
or more yet the pastor wasn’t ready to conclude nor stop. He continued
firing one prayer point to another while i halfheartedly closed my eyes
and moved my lips. I already had made all my pleas and requests during
the opening phase of the prayers and couldn’t just start repeating them
all over again.
“please madam, can you leave us alone for a minute” the pastor said to
Chioma after the prayers. She nodded, smiled at me and left.
“Dear brother in the Lord, i hope you know that as a christian it is
required of you to pray ceaselessly?” he asked, while i nodded with
guilt. It was obvious he noticed my low morale during the prayer
session. “besides you really need prayers sir because what was revealed
to me is quite disheartening. I saw a woman shedding tears of blood for
you” he revealed, sending me into great panic with his revelation.


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