After some seconds of deep thinking, I heaved a sigh and drew closer to
Chioma. “baby I have to go and urinate. I’ll be back shortly” I
whispered to her, equally signalling to Jboy at the same time to follow

Together Jboy and I went outside for a little talk. I showed him the
text from Mary, biting my lips with regret. “too bad” Jboy frowned,
shaking his head in deep thought.
“how did such a mess happen?” He asked curiously, while I wasted no time
in giving him the details of the sex I had with Mary weeks ago.
“Gosh if not handled appropriately, this can ruin the beautiful
relationship you are enjoying with Chioma. Chia” he hissed with concern.
“What do I do?. I’m so confused” I asked seriously, breathing quickly
as I looked forward to a solution from him.
“There are two sides to this situation. Either she’s is lying to get you
or telling the truth” he murmured thouthfully.
“but I advise you let today pass before calling to speak to her. That
will make her think twice about the effectiveness of her text {message}”
he advised, while I nodded in agreement.

My initial plan was to call
the silly girl in order to confirm the text she sent to me, but Jboy was
a professional in such matters and so I had to go by his suggestion.
Chioma followed me home that fateful evening, and for the first time
opened herself to me, offering all she had to me. Her sweet, slender,
attractive body was all mine, but unfortunately I wasn’t in the right
frame of mind for sex.

All that was in my head was Mary’s image. I was
so miserable and lost that Chioma soon noticed my lost appearance.
“What’s wrong with you? Don’t tell me you haven’t kissed or made love to
a woman before? Why are you trembling before my nakedness? Don’t you
like what you are seeing?” She curiously asked with alarm clearly
written all over her. I murmured a quick apology, grabbed her right
bosom and sucked on it, while my other hand played on her second bosom. I
really had dreamt so much of making great love to her, but when I
finally got the opportunity, I wasn’t fit to perform very well. I felt
like telling her the truth, sharing my problems with her but just
Mary was my cross, mine alone to carry. I never knew a player’s life
could be so sweet and bitter at the same time. I was ready to quit,
ready to face life in an honest way and settle down with Chioma. Only if
God would make my outrageous sin with Mary go away.
“I know you are just not yourself. Whatever is it that is worrying you, I
pray you get over it soon” Chioma said to me very early the next day as
she prepared to leave. I forced out a smile, saying nothing.

I truly
never got myself all through the rest of the previous day. The sex we
eventually had was so dull and far from sweet. I couldn’t help but
imagine what was going through her mind that moment. I truly left her
unsatisfied and disappointed. Later in the day, I braced up myself and
called Mary, asking her to show up at my house by 7pm. She accepted
without dragging issues with me which was very mind settling. However it
was a long wait for me as I nervously waited for the clock to struck
7pm. My mind was uneasy, my lips prayed ceaselessly while my heart
pounded very fast. I had to make my past with the silly girl go away no
matter the price.
She finally showed up at my apartment at exactly 7:32pm, looking well
composed and calm. She flashed a brief smile at me, greeted and settled
quietly at a couch opposite where I sat. “you know the reason I called.
Are you pregnant for real?” I asked without wasting time. She breathed
deeply, fetched a piece of paper from her hand-bag and gave to me.
I sweated as I went through it. It was a pregnancy test result. Positive
it said, duly signed and stamped.
“So what do we do?. You very well know I don’t need this baby nor ready
to start a family?” I asked coldly. She shrugged and drew back.
“I don’t know. That’s your decision to make, as for me, I’m not
tampering with this pregnancy. It’s against my faith, moreover a child
is a gift from God” she said slowly, mincing no words and putting me in a
very tight corner. She really looked unconcerned and serious.
I was left with no choice than to change my tactics.
“Okay how much do you want?” I asked with a business tone. Her eyes
instantly burned as my question hit her like a bullet.
“What?, what do you mean?” She asked with a quick stammer. I smiled and
breathed deeply. “You understand me my dear. How much do you need to get
rid of that thing and let me be with my life” I said coldly.

She jumped
up with anger, disgust and hatred, shaking her head with disbelief as
she headed to the door.
“Gosh l’m so disgusted at you. How dare you utter such foul words. I see
the devil has possessed your soul. Your heart is now dark and burning
like hell. This isn’t the Brother Ken I know” she cried. I was so
stunned and touched over her words, but the problem at hand was such
that gave no room for emotions. I had to conceal my feelings and shut my
“Mary I’m really serious. I have the money to settle you handsomely” I
added as I stood up. She hissed, gave me one last look before leaving
without another word. I bit my lips and locked my door. I couldn’t
believe all that was happening were real. I was so desperate and
anxious. The last thing I wanted was having children scattered over the
country in my name or having a child with a woman I was far from loving.

 The next day was a public holiday. I spent the day at home thinking and
polishing my plans which were far from perfect. Chioma showed up by
12pm, helping me to prepare a delicious rice, stew and soup. Her company
was what I needed that moment to calm my mind and the tension in me.
But her curiousity almost got on my nerves. She was very sure that I was
keeping something away from her and kept demanding to know what it was.
However I got the shock of my life by 3pm when Mary’s pastor showed up
at my apartment. “Bro Ken there is a serious issue at hand” he said as I
opened the door for him.



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