Singer ORITSE FEMI Full Biography,Life And News

NAME: Oritse Femi(oritsefemi)


OCCUPATION: Singer,Songwriter


Oritsefemi hails from Delta State. He was born and brought up in Ajegunle, Lagos. He started his music career right from his primary school days. He got my inspiration from the street because he had the opportunity to hang out with the underprivileged in the society. He is very happy today because he has been able to pick one or two things from them to compose his songs. It was not only tough but also rough. It was not really easy because of his background.

In an interview he explained about his background how yuneasy it was for him see below: “I come from a polygamous family and with so many children. My father being an engineer wanted me to follow his footsteps. My mother being a church worker also wanted me to be in the house of God. All these were a diversion for me. I never thought I would ever climb to where I am today. But I thank God that I have been able to get a good packaging from my record label, Shining Entertainment, which was a different level from the way I was before. In the past I had a lot of good music but there was nobody to project me. Now, I have got a lot of opportunities to show to the world the creativity that I possess.”


Also in an interview he took time to explain about his music career: See below:
“How it all started It all started when I was still in school when we used to have music clubs. Those days when we used to have get-together party, I was always performing. When they saw the talents in me, people advised me to keep practising because constant practice makes perfect. That was how I became enthusiastic about music.

The greatest opportunity I had musically was when Shaba Ranks, Keppy Ton and others came to establish a Ragga Dub School in Ajegunle. They were brought here by the late Johnny Nap. That was where Daddy Showkey, Daddy Fresh, Father U-turn, Baba Fryo and a lot of other stars had their breakthrough. I started projecting my own kind of African music called, Reality or Conscience music. It is a kind of music that touches or arouses the feeling of the people. Some people call it hip-life because it has all the elements of different brands of music including our popular highlife. So, whether I am singing about ladies, money and other issues in the society, it always arouses the consciousness of reality. The Unfadeables When I was in a group called, The Jingolist, we released two albums. It was a joint project with my colleague, Chibudo. The first album was entitled, Boys Dibinu, that is “boys are not happy”. The second album was Money Na Time and they had eight tracks each. Later I went solo and released an album, Elewon, which means “chase them”. That was when I started singing about the flopped politicians and the need to chase them away. It was released in 2007/08 during the elections and turned out to be a hit. My second solo album has just been dropped into the market entitled, Unfadeables. I was motivated to release this album because of the wickedness prevalent in the world. One of the hit tracks that is making waves on radio and TV is Mercy of the Lord. It has a remix featuring the late Da Grin, Rhymzo and also my record label chairman, Shining. We have already shot the video and it would be out any moment from now.

The Unfadeables has fourteen tracks. It is going to redefine the Oritse Femi people have been hearing about. Apart from the artistes I mentioned before, I’ve also featured in my works 2face, Pasuma Wonder, Nico Gravity, B Kleen and some other popular artistes in Nigeria. It is a thank you album to my fans who have been urging me on. The fans have been there saying that Oritse Femi cannot fade. That is why I entitled the album, Unfadeables. It is a street lingo narrating how people neglected me when I was not known.”

In 2013 after leaving the music scene from a period of time Oritsefemi was back with more quality and uniqueness which has Drawn him his biggest fame and hit ever. He came back to release a singlet titled: “DOUBLE WAHALA” a A late FELLA KUTI inspired song as he says. Few weeks after the single start making a lot of waves on air; radio,internet and others before the video was released in 2014 which made it much more popular.
the song was being loved by many big Musicians in Nigeria e.g: Dbanj,Donjazzy and others…
In 2014 he made a remix of the song featuring a very big artiste in the industry Koko master DBANJ.
He has performed in many shows after releasing more songs in 2013/2014.
He also lost is father in 2014
He said in an interview that he has made upto 60Million Naira just for his stage performances in 2014.
Singer Oritse Femi’s romance relationship with popular Ghanaian actress Ella Mensah was revealed in 2014 as the actress herself announced it in the media.

He was nominated for four awards in the Nigeria Entertainment Awards 2014.
also won award at the headies 2014

No popular endorsement deal yet

He was linked with a scandal of  disturbing ladies on social media in 2014 after his instagram account was hacked and his chats screenshots leaked




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