OFFICIAL: Ten Most Famous People In Nigeria 2015.

T.I.N MAGAZINE ( Has taken its time to compile and publish an official list of 10 most famous People in Nigeria as of year 2015 after few weeks of thorough research.
These ratings were made according to the level of fame each of them has got.


Funke Akindele is a very famous actress in the nation presently, primarily a Yoruba movie actress and also show in some nollywood movies making her active at both sides. The actress can be said to be the most popular face in the Yoruba movie industry as she appears in most of their hit movies and also
Funke can be said to be one of the most popular faces in the Nigeria entertainment industry as she is being featured in many adverts so also Funke appears in most billboards you see all around Nigeria even people who aren’t Yoruba movie lovers see her face on billboards and in most TV adverts, she is well known by many children and at least 70% of the Yoruba people know whom she is. Even when asked people of other tribes to mention one Yoruba movie star the actress’s name is what is mentioned meaning if the name Funke Akindele is being mentioned in the hears of most Nigerians it sure must sound familiar, or her face is being shown to them it will definitely look familiar making her a well known person by many Nigerians and she’s always controversial in the media.
She’s earned the no.10 spot on the list.


Mikel Obi a star football player has been listed the 9th most famous person on this list, the popular player can be said to be the most famous footballer in the country presently.
Mikel is much well known by many Nigerians as football in the country is very well appreciated by many, mostly the males. We noticed starting from age 10 and above Nigerian football fans know whom Mikel is even though he is not well known to the females that are not football fans but still some females who are not football fan still know the name “Mikel Obi”. We discovered many old ones still watch football in Nigeria in which he is quite known to all of them, and no male adult/youth football fan or not would say he does not know the popular player.
Mikel obi is signed to one of the most famous football clubs in the world, even though many Nigerians still dis him for not performing as expected. The player is also in the NFF first eleven squad the “super eagles” which has also added to the boost in his fame.
He’s earned the no 9 spot on this list.


Another popular actress Mercy Johnson has been featured to be the 8th on the list, She is a very well known Nollywood Actress and can be said to be one of the most popular faces in Nollywood as she is being featured in many of their movies.
Her name is a really huge contribution to her fame in the nation we noticed the name “MERCY JOHNSON” is well known than the face behind it. We discovered the combination of the two names sound more interesting to be known and noted. Nollywood movies are being watched by most Nigerian entertainment lovers in which she do show in many of them than other actresses as of present. So, many Nigerians know what she does. Mercy can also be said to be a very well known personality by many Nigerian Youths due to her figure as she is been mentioned and appreciated in some conversations they make.
In our research it was discovered mercy Johnson is well known than controversial Nollywood Queens Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Jalade and even the ever controversial actress Tonto Dikeh . In conclusion Mercy Johnson is known by most Nigerian Youths and adults even though she is not well known by most Nigerian kids few of them know whom she is.


The popular Nigerian music star has got himself a national fame just within 4years of entering the entertainment phase of Nigeria. He is well known by many as a singer.
Davido has beaten the likes of Psquare, Dbanj And 2face those who could be said to be the biggest names in the music industry. In our research it was quiet noticed that the singer is being known by many kids so also not any Nigerian youth would say the name and face is not familiar as music in Nigeria is also appreciated a lot. Even many adults who are not fan of hiphop music knows that name belongs to a Nigerian celebrity even though not most of them, Meaning he is well known by almost every tribe in Nigeria as hiphop music is now a big thing in the nation. Not to mention that the Singer’s official twitter page has over a million followers making him the second most followed Nigerian on Twitter and also he is well known by many Nigerians outside the country. And his face is quite a popular one in Nigeria presently as he’s being featured in Billboard adverts and many TV ads.
The singer often mention his name in many of his popular songs making the name a familiar one to people.
He’s earned the 7th position on this list.


Well, just like his mate in the music industry Davido whom we mentioned earlier,Wizkid also made our list hitting the no.6 position as he can be said to be the most famous Nigerian musician in the nation presently.
Wizkid have also beaten the likes of music legends like D’banj 2face, Psquare and others as he is known by many Hip hop music lovers and even non Hip hop music lovers in the nation.
Almost every kid in the country knows whom Wizkid is and what he does and most of them know his name. He is quiet known by almost all the Nigerian youths presently and his name is quiet known by many adults too.
The singer has managed to get himself known to almost all the tribes in Nigeria including the Yorubas,Hausas And the Igbos.
His music is being listened to in almost every part of the country.
Even the non Hip hop fans know there is a “worldly nigerian singer named Wizkid” as many pastors even preach with the name in various churches.
If asked many Nigerian adults out there to mention a Reigning Nigerian singer of our time his name would sure be mentioned.
We discovered the mentioning of his name in most songs of his has gained him more attention and his continuous release of hit songs making him active in the industry for the last 5years has helped him also, In addition his face is sure a very popular one in Nigeria presently as he is being featured in many TV adverts and Billboard adverts too. And not to mention he is the most followed Nigerian on Twitter with over a million followers.


It is quite obvious Nigeria is one of the most religious countries in the world, Mainly filled up with Christians(over 80million and Moslems (over 80million) and Pastor E.a Adeboye being the G.O of the biggest Ministry (Redeemed Christian Church Of God) has made him the most famous Man Of God in the nation.
Barely would you see a Christian either religious or not who doesn’t know whom Adeboye is, even many Moslems in the country know he is a popular Christian man of God.
Its been noticed a lot of elderly ones know him as a respected man of God, we also know every Christian adult knows whom he is and so does the youths
Adeboye is not quiet known by many kids but the level at which he is known by the old ones, the youths and the adults is quite high as his words are always taken serious by many Nigerians.
Even many people think he is the founder of RCCG in which he is actually not, but he has been the G.O of the church worldwide for quite a longtime this added a lot ti the level of his fame.


The ex president Olusegun Obasanjo has been concluded to be the 4th most famous person in the country presently by. The popular politician is well known by many Nigerians in and outside the country.
The name “OBASANJO” is a thing that we noticed almost every living Nigerian knows and even the face behind it. Its been concluded that Most Nigerians starting from the age of 15 upward know whom Obasanjo is, even most people don’t know his full name but he is quite known to be called Obasanjo and OBJ.
The ex president is well known by many old ones and not any adult would say the name or face is not familiar almost all the youths know him too meaning all the tribes in the country knows Obasanjo was a leader for a longtime.
Obasanjo has ruled the nation for 12 years, 4years as a military head of state and 8years as a civilian making him the only one who has lead the nation for a long period like that which has made him known to many generations.
Even while he was the president he was very controversial many critics and praises to his name.
And even after leaving the post he still remains controversial and always taken serious by many.


Dangote has been one hell of a huge name in the country for a longtime now. It has been concluded that Aliko Dangote is surely the 3rd most famous person in the nation presently.
For a long time Aliko Dangote has been known to be the richest man in Nigeria the man who presently is the richest man in Africa too.
Many old ones know there is a Nigerian man named Dangote who is the wealthiest man in the country. His position as the no.1 wealthiest man in the country has never been challenged before, Many adults know him, not to mention the youths who pray to be richer than him one day.
Even if a person doesn’t know him for his reputation his name sure must sound or look familiar to them as his name is what is always written on all his products; cements, sugar, salt,flour and many more..
Many kids do not know him for his reputation but most of them know; Dangote sugar, Dangote salt and more because it can be easily read at the back of each product belonging to him.
We discovered he is quite known by almost all the tribes in the country.


Yes! we know Boko Haram not to be a particular person, but we consider them a body acting as one so they’ve got to be here, Surely with no doubts we all know Boko Haram has got itself quite a fame in the nation in a very short period of time.
Boko Haram which is known to be the most wicked and monstrous terrorist group to ever exist in Nigeria is quite known by almost every living Nigerian. The terrorist group got themselves a lot of attention since 2011 after hitting the country with many bomb blasts killing hundreds in which they never seize to have a pause they kept terrorizing the nation taking innocent lives for no actual reason(s).
In a new discovery we quite noticed the words “BOKO HARAM” is being mentioned by tens of millions Nigerians every single day. Some mention the name to crack jokes while some make it the centre of discussion.
Boko Haram is a very feared criticized group by many Nigerians.
It was noticed Nigerians from the age of 10 above has the the knowledge or little knowledge of what Boko Haram does.
Many Nigerians want this Islamic group extinguished from the nation but they’ve kept up the terrorism acts ever since they started as all abilities of the federal government has failed now they have killed thousands of Nigerians and still at large so they are quite feared and known in every part of the country even though most of their killings is in the North.
They ‘ve earned the no.2 position on the list.


Finally, we have the most famous person in Nigeria here, a man who is quite known to be the president of the nation presently. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
He is one of the most famous Nigerian president ever. The man who has lead the country for almost six years is quite well known by many Old ones as he has always remained controversial. No single adult in the country would say he or she doesn’t know the name and the face of the president. And he is also quite known by the Youths as many of them even dislike him most especially the students.
And speaking of the kids, we quite notice kids from the age of 4 and above know whom president Jonathan is as they are all being taught in their various schools and his face is also a very popular one on posters and TV stations.
We discovered the president have been getting much attention right since the time of being vice president to late ex president Musa Yar’adua as his name “Goodluck” was admired and cherished by many Nigerians and when he became the president the name became what many Nigerian parents now name their new born babies because the name is quite attractive.
After becoming the president, his name became what most Nigerians were shouting when he increased the oil price in 2012, many protests were made against him.
And the heavy reign of insurgency started during his tenure making some Nigerians think his name is quite an opposite one to Nigeria as a whole, the president remains controversial and badly talked about as he failed to fulfil most of the promises he made during his campaign.
Some even believes he is the worst Nigerian president ever even though the president has done his best.
But the president still have his lovers and supporters across the country.
Goodluck can be quite concluded to be known by almost every living Nigerian on the planet earth as of the moment.

OTHER PEOPLE WHO MADE THE LIST AFTER THE TOP TEN ARE; Jay Jay Okocha,D’banj,Psquare,Tonto Dikeh, Omotola Jalade,Sanni Abacha,Wole Soyinka.

NOTE: This list is not based on anybody’s opinion it is a list made after many researches and getting views from various Nigerians.
TIN MAGAZINE( released this list for the year 2015 it is not an all time listing the ratings might change in next year’s listing.
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