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BIRTH NAME: Teniola Apata




Not Married


Teni also known as Teni entertainer or Teniola Apata is a Nigerian singer who came into limelight in 2017 after the release of her single; “Fargin”. She was previously signed to Magic Fingers records but then later signed to Dr. Dolor entertainment in 2017. She’s been growing ever since. And yes Teni is also a sister to popular singer Niniola Apata.


Teniola Apata, Teni Entertainer is one of Nigeria’s fastest rising musicians breaking new grounds in the music industry.

sojourn in music began at age of two in the school band and since then,
she has made several appearances, rocked many stages and wowed the
crowd both locally and internationally performing for top dignitaries
and at sold out concerts. Her stage craft has always got people talking.
however kickstarted her career in 2016 when she got signed to Magic
Fingers Records owned by one of Nigeria’s most talented producers and
serial hit maker, Shizzi.
A graduate of the University of Georgia, her current single titled ‘Amen’ has
been receiving positive reviews and feedback since its release. The
prayer themed new song which was brilliantly delivered by the music
sensation put her vocal dexterity and lyrical prowess on full display.


She apparently has
had a knack for music from a tender age, performing as a kid for various
Lagos State Governors dating back to Buba Marwa. But it wasn’t until
2016 when she got signed to producer Shizzi’s Magic Finger Records that
her buzz began to extend beyond the hives and she began to take it more

She initially released a sober freestyle titled Boluwatife which
translates to ‘God’s Will’, dedicated to her late father with an
accompanying video shot on the streets of Ojuelegba in Surulere. Then
she followed this up with ‘Amen’, her debut single delivered in a
mixture of Yoruba and Pidgin, announcing her official entry into the
music industry.

Without any hype, the timeless classic shows
more musical diversity of the remarkable singer and it’s very
infectious. The enthralling lyrics of the song coupled with her vocal
charms has made it everybody’s favourite.
talented artiste who before now has become an internet sensation based
on her numerous Instagram freestyle videos is definitely one of the acts
to watch out for in 2017. Based on the reviews of her numerous
freestyle videos, we can confidently say that Teni has a great musical
mind that goes beyond one genre of music.
She looks up to great artistes like King Wasiu Ayinde, King Sunny Ade, Ebenezar Obey, Osita Osadebe and Dolly Parton.


Being signed to Shizzi, how does that feel?
the best feeling in the world. I feel blessed to be signed to my
brother. He gives me the freedom to explore different sounds. Shizzi is
someone that I’ve learnt so much from and there’s no better person to
share greatness with, than him. He believed in me since the first time I
met him in 2013.
You are sisters with Niniola, how does her work affect your push for success?
proudd of her and how she has accomplished by setting good examples and
laying a good path. Her work doesn’t affect me, it encourages and
inspires me to be a better musician.
The achievement divide that separates men and women. Do you think the Industry discriminates against female advancement?
I don’t think so. I think the industry is beginning to accept females and the transition is going smoothly.


What does “Fargin” mean and how did it come about?

is “Virgin” said with a Yoruba accent. I was bored one day and
freestyled off my friend’s phone and that was it. Fargin is a common
Nigerian conversation of men trying to seduce young girl into sex. But
honestly, this song is about sex education and rape culture in the
African community. I want to inspire women to be confident in being
virgins, it’s okay to wait. It’s okay to practice safe sex even if it’s
not cool. I hope when young girls hear this song, they understand that
they don’t have to be pressured to have unprotected sex. I’m a virgin
and I’m very proud of that.

How did the song start spreading on social media?

been doing comedy for some time on Instagram and YouTube so when I
started to sing, people took note of that. I posted the Fargin video on Instagram first and it went viral. It has over 153,000 views and counting currently, then it spread to Twitter and Facebook. Falz
posted it then small doc followed and the rest was history. I would say
with social media, it’s a matter of consistency and putting yourself
out there. Something is bound to take off. I believe that once you open
your mouth to ask God for something, it’s a matter time before he gives
it to you.

What is what advice you would give to people hustling out there?

God first, I know it sounds cliche but that’s how it all happened. I
remember being confused on my major, pursuing music and I just humbled
myself before God and it all happened. One thing I’ll say is that
success is psychological. The world is a jungle and we’re all like
animals. Learn how to strategize, build with a team of people that have
vision and share the same vision as you. Surround yourself with people
that balance you and the ones that give and show you the most patience.
Being a team player goes a long way because when you win, they
win-that’s true success to me.


No popular awards yet.

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Teni record deal with Dr. Dolor in 2017

Watch Teni perfom her songs below


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