Tips: Clubbing for the first time? Checkout A few tips to help you have an Epic night out.

first time i tried stepping foot in a club back in 2010 i wasn’t
bounced but i got flung out like a piece of paper by the bouncer on
duty(Very wicked guy.)  Imagine spending several hours preparing for
what i thought was going to be an epic night for me, fresh from the
hood, cash in hand and swag to follow and that guy just bounced me like a
we had beef from somewhere.

Going to a nightclub for the first
time can be an intimdating experience. But not to worry, you are not
alone, if it makes you feel better most clubbers go through this and by
reading this article you’ll be able to go in like a boss from your very
first visit. The key is being prepared and knowing what to expect before
you get to the club.

Dress Codes For Nightclubs
can’t show up overlly dressed. You have to be well dressed(casual wears
works just fine or have on something that’s cool and hip. Girls, skirts
and heels are recommended.
Facial Expression

On my first day out, i remember asking for some tips and advice from a
friend who by our definition then was the King of Fun, one advice i got
from him was “Guy, Bone your face”. Did i bone? Yes i did, did i get
allowed No i got bounced. A few more trials with a normal expression,
not so excited and not so angry did work.
Inside The Club – What To See & Expect
are dark, loud with pumping music from cool DJs (making it hard to
carry on conversations). There’s usually a few different sections. Some
areas may be roped off for VIPs, who are really people who have paid a
lot more money than you for a “premium” spot, often with bottle  service
(keep reading). Clubs are also high-energy places, all created by that
pumping music. They are definitely not places to go for a quiet night
out on the town.
Drink Prices In Clubs
going to pay a premium for drinks and even beer in a nightclub – N1,000
or more for a beer and a couple thousands for spirit or wine. If you
want to be a high-roller, you can move to the VIP section(not that i
advice you do so). Being your first time, you may want to keep it low
but if you feel you are up to the task, please by all means go ahead.
For The Guys: Meeting Girls In Clubs
most guys, this is the entire point of going to a club. And clubs are
certainly a good place to find girls. Do you know that girls like to
dance and since it’s so loud, you’re going to have to dance too, to get
any interaction with them. And yes, you’ll probably have to buy some
girls at least a couple rounds of drinks but don’t force it. Not all
girls are interested in meeting new guys or accepting drinks from just
any guy.
For the Girls: Meeting Guys In Clubs
ladies, this isn’t too tough, men are everywhere! To meet them, make
some eye contact and show off your body or best physical attribute(s).
Soon you’ll have men swarming around you like bugs at a light. Know,
however, that not all the guys in clubs are the best representative of
the male species.
Feel free, enjoy the moment, take some drinks,
dance to the music everything will work out just fine. Just know that
things are more refined – than at a bar or sit out. Dress and act
And finally, enjoy it!

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