FASHION: Learn All About Waist Beads; Significance, Meaning, Tutorials

Waist beads are often associated with a seductive and sexy look. Nowadays, African waist beads have become widely popular among young girls, being one of the common and very attractive accessories. Wearing beads around your waist is not a new trend. It has originated long ago and is an element of traditional culture, which has been integrated into the modern look with style. get ready to find out a short story of the meaning, wearing, and making of Nigerian waist beads.

Significance of beads in Igbo culture

Beads of all forms and combinations remain the beloved accessory of children, men, and women. They are worn as bracelets, necklaces, and other kind of jewellery; they can be wooden, ceramic, glass, plastic etc. You can find different naming for beads throughout Africa. In the Western part of the continent, beads are known as Baya, which is a significant detail in the traditions and rituals.
waist beads
Similarly to neighboring cultures, Igbo use beads in traditional wedding ceremonies, where they are one of the main accessories, just like Nigerian wedding beads necklace. However, this is not the first time waist beads appear in a person’s life. The waist beads meaning is important for its marking the rites passages and transitions. They often become a gift for young girls, who soon turning into women. In many African African cultures the waist is considered a symbolic zone, associated with pregnancy, birth, womanhood, and peculiarities of women organism. Thus, they bare the importance for all ages.
Waist meaning is expanded by setting relations with positive energy and healing, so the beads are almost a sacral artifact. Semi-precious stones andspecific colors are used to expand these meanings.  

Nigeria/Ghana waist beads color meaning

When you decide to wear waist beads, you should find out more about what they truly mean. For this, pay attention to the colors, used in the accessory. Traditionally, it is believed that how do waist beads work depends of the colors.
waist beads
  • White: purity, truth, light
  • Black: power, protection
  • Brown: stability
  • Purple: royalty, wisdom
  • Green: abundance, fertility, prosperity
  • Turquoise: self-awareness
  • Blue: truth, loyalty
  • Red: vitality, confidence
  • Orange: vitality, courage, self-confidence
  • Yellow: energy, happiness
  • Pink: beauty, love, kindness
  • Gold: health, wealth, power
Before you wear waist beads, pick something that reflects your mood and character.

How to tie African waist beads

waist beads
There is no a wrong way to wear Nigerian waist beads. Nevertheless, there is one big misconception concerning this accessory: you do NOT have to be a size 0 to experience the benefits of waist beads. Beads are a part of traditional culture, meaning that size does not matter at all. Moreover, women in age, who have children and grandchildren, are not prohibited from wearing waist beads. Finally, you do not have to wear them to show off your perfect shape and flat tummy. Waist beads can be a part of fancy lingerie. Wear waist beads to feel attractive; wear them for you and who you want to see them.
Waist beads are traditionally worn under clothes. Nowadays, girls can wear them with low-waist jeans/bum shorts and a crop top, as well as with a bathing suit, as a detail of beach image. Besides, waist beads can be worn by pre-pubescent girls without sexual connotation.
waist beadsMany manufacturers offer beads that are not complicated to tie – you can just use a simple clip. More important js to pick the right size. Do not use a usual clothing size. Instead, check out manufacturer’s measures and sizing. After you pick waist beads that match you perfectly in size, you will not have any troubles with tying them. Remember to take measures on bare skin and keep a measuring tape snag.

How to make waist beads

You can always find and buy waist beads on Jiji. If you want to make it more personal, make the accessories on your own.
waist beads
To start with, you should buy appropriate beads or learn how to make bead. Then, follow the simple steps:
  1. Take several types of beads (for instance, white glass seed beads, vintage brown irregular seed beads, and small brass bicone beads). The combination may vary depending on your preferences and the symbolic meaning you choose.
  2. Cut approximately 1.5m of tiger tale and tie it to the end of your working table.
  3. Lay out the pattern with the chosen beads.
  4. Bead it all way through to the desired length.
  5. Attach a crimb and a lobster clasp to one edge.
  6. Create a loop on the other edge.
waist beads
You can always choose the desired length or simply take a longer piece of tiger tale and cut it when needed. Also, you can make several waist bead of monochromatic beads to wear simultaneously. And don’t forget to check out the steps on how to make Abuja connection bead!

Waist beads for waist training

When people talk about the benefits of wearing waist beads, one of the most curious questions they are curious in “How do waist beads work?” and “Do waist beads give you shape?” Wearing waist beads for weight loss is a good idea for several reasons.
Wearing waist beads every day helps to monitor body waist by keeping your body in tonus. In addition to moderate tension of your stomach and back muscles, waist beads have massaging effect and help to improve blood circulating. It leads to metabolism improvement and helps to avoid accumulation of fat.
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