Checkout Top-Rated Used Cars (tokunbo) In Nigeria 2018 And Prices

In present days, cars and their prices in Nigeria are represented by
the wide variety of options, which match your expectations and are not
shocking for your budget. Tokunbo cars price list is one of the most
popular search requests, which finally leaves thousands of Nigerians
with new cars.

Nigerians prefer quite diverse models with Toyota remaining the obvious leader for years, maybe because on prices of brand new toyota cars in Nigeria Jiji are affordable. If you think about buying a vehicle this year, take a look at the most popular used cars for sale in Nigeria.

Lexus RX 350

Lexus RX 350 price in Nigeria


  • Comfortable and stylish leather seats, heated and ventilated
  • Innovative
    steering and suspension system, convenient in the most diverse
    conditions, including the isolation from road vibrations
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Upgraded safety features, including rear view cameras, blind spot monitoring, and a wide range of standard features.
  • 300 horsepower and eight-speed automatic transmission.
  • Impressive tech features – one of the best audio systems available today
  • Advanced smartphone integration

Lexus RX 350 price in Nigeria: from N3,850,00

Earlier models are available at even lower prices. For instance, Lexus RX300 price in Nigeria starts from N2,200,000

Toyota Corolla 2010

Toyota Corolla 2010 price in Nigeria


  • One of the world’s best-selling cars (and Jiji’s price of Toyota Corolla in Nigeria is one of the reasons)
  • Advanced safety features with pedestrian detection and cruise control system
  • High-quality dynamic interior design with enough rear seat space and very spacious backseats
  • High
    personalization level with several individual trim levels; keyless
    entry, heated seats, sunroof, and navigation come as options
  • Advanced technological equipment
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Besides reliability, it is easy to maintain
  • Smoth shifting auto transmission and drive in general

Toyota Corolla 2010 price in Nigeria: from N2,650,000

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry price in Nigeria


  • Stylish sporty look
  • Reliability: proper maintenance guarantees few problems and easy repairs
  • Fuel efficiency thanks to four-cylinder engine and the possibility to run on unleaded fuel
  • Poweful engine as for sedan – 268 horsepower
  • Sport-tuned suspension and well-balanced performance on the go
  • High capacity – enough for comfortable family drives
  • Five-star safety rating with ultimate protection from danger, blind-spot monitor, and lane departure warnings
  • Ungraded sound system, wireless charger, cruise control, and other premium features

Price of Toyota Camry in Nigeria: from N1,650,000

Volkswagen Golf 4

Volkswagen Golf 4 price in Nigeria


  • Vehicle of the premium class
  • Reliability in every feature, from engine to tires
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Flexibility, achieved with the help of six-speed gearbox
  • Simle and laconic interior
  • Great budget vehicle option

Golf 4 price in Nigeria: from N400,000.

However, Volkswagen Nigeria price list varies considerable depending on a model – get ready for the increase of price for the latest models.

Range Rover

Range Rover price in Nigeria


  • High level of comfort, which does not get worth with time.
  • Excellent design makes a car truly noteciable and recognisable – sleek and sporty
  • Refined interior with leather seats, well-equipped cabin, and enough space for entire family
  • Innovative technological equipment, including touch screen infotament system and InControl Apps function
  • High efficiency of fuel expenditures and low CO2 emission
  • Comfort and balanced and accurate balanced drives.

Range Rover price in Nigeria: from N1,680,000

Toyota Venza 2010

Toyota Venza 2010 price in Nigeria


  • Spacious interior with innovative storage and acccent on the practical features
  • High level of reliability and safety, proved with strong crash test storage
  • Attractive and innovative design, luxury-oriented breakthrough exterior
  • Fuel efficiency thanks to four-cylinder engine
  • Smooth drives and responsive perfrmance with six-speed automatic transmission
  • Cruise control, climate control, telescopic steering wheel, and a list of innovative features as bonuses
  • 182 horsepower guaratees good performance in different conditions

Toyota Venza 2010 price in Nigeria: from N4,500,000

Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander price in Nigeria


  • Impressive
    performance in various conditions thanks to the powerful V-6 engine with
    295 horsepower – strong enough to pull a trailer
  • Fuel-saving option in Hybrid models, achieved through the installation of direct-injected fuel system
  • Eight-speed transmission guarantees smooth shifts and enjoyable everyday drives
  • New style with a grill of platinum color, new wheels, LED lights, and several new color options (including walnut and salsa red)
  • Spacious enough to accommodate eight passengers without giving up comfort
  • Advanced safety features – cruise control and lane departure warning come as default features

Price of Toyota Highlander in Nigeria: from N1,400,000

Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna price in Nigeria


  • Engaging to drive and very quite inside
  • Eight-speed automatic shift ensures smooth drives
  • Improved fuel economy thanks to the new transmission
  • All-wheel -drive version is a rare option among minivans
  • Very spacious cabin with three rows of seats with enough room to feel comfortable for all passengers
  • Advanced safety gear that helps to feel confident on the road
  • Infotaiment system with user-friendly upgraded interface

Toyota Sienna price in Nigeria: from N1,050,000


Hyundai price in Nigeria


  • High quality and high affordability; perfect price-quality combination
  • Reliability guarantees minimal repairs (concerning both freuency and cost)
  • Dashboard design is best in the segment
  • Ultimate safety, regardles of a model
  • Rich selection – from luxury class cars to minivans and SUVs

Hyundai Nigeria price list is diverse: the prices for used Huyndai Elantra in a good keep on Jiji starts from N1,450,000

Prices of cars in Nigeria 2017 were a good surprise for those, who decided to buy their first car. Prices of Toyota cars in Nigeria helped
to hold the leading position for the manufacturer and helped to
increase the number of drivers on the roads. You are welcome to join,

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