Food Tips: How To Prepare Coconut Candy

Apart from “aunt, promise me” cries that follow my ever torn green
promise card, and the anticipation of winning the biggest balloon sold
across the street in the balloon try out games before a purchase, one
thing I miss from my childhood long Christmas vacation is my aunt’s ever
ready coconut candy.

For those of you who haven’t tasted this Nigerian dessert, the
coconut candy is simply a combination of grated or shredded coconut
mixed with granulated sugar or honey. It is extremely addictive and very
sweet, ‘oh too sweet’. It is sold on the streets of Lagos, from a
reliable source, 20 Naira, a product that was formerly 25 kobo.


1 medium coconut
1 cup of Water.
Granulated sugar/ honey.
A spoon or spatula for mixing


Break the whole coconut.
Wash and grate the coconut flesh and set aside.
Mix your sugar or honey and water together and leave to boil for a
few minutes, I think it’s called water and sugar syrup. Let the mixture
thicken over a medium heat.
Add the granulated coconut to the mixture, and allow it to turn light
brown, this should take up to 8 minutes, it is called caramelizing.
Continuously stir while reducing the heat to prevent it from burning.
Serve on a plate.
The caramel thickens up and gets firm while it cools off.
Roll it up
Leave for two hours or more to get really hardened up.

Note: You can leave out the water if you want it hard and crunchy.


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