The Shocking Story Of A UNILAG Student Who Allegedly Slept With “Mammy Water”

as we all know, not all that glitters is Gold, here is a Testimony of a
unilag student named David, surname withheld at an MFM church.
is a 400L student of UNILAG and has been attending MFM youth church
since he gained admission in 2011. He was a very active church member
until sometimes in November 2014, it was getting close to the exam
period at unilag and David decided to study at his favorite destination
in campus which is the Lagoon front.

reading in front of the peaceful water, he meet a very beautiful dark
Lady crying, he felt sorry for her and decided to walk up to her. He
later asked her why she was crying and she told him all that happened
that her boyfriend dumped her. David as a Christian gave her some words
of encouragement, preached to her and consoled her. They became friends,
more interesting, he has fallen in love for the first time in his life.
Unluckily for him a mammy water.

After their exams they became
much closer and by february 14 2015. They became lovers. As the
relationship grew the young Lady began to demand for s_ex but David was
reluctant until one day he decided to forgo his church program to go out
with the young Lady. He was drunk that night and had s_ex with the
lady, you know what it means to sleep with a yemoja, David life changed,
he started having s_ex with her more frequently, he never went to
church, he started smoking, his friends started to notice his change and
started advising him but he wouldnt listen.

Until July 2015.
David fell ill. He went from one Hospital to another but they couldnt
diagnose the cause of his illness. Until he started seeing the girl in
his dreams he then went to the church for Prayers. The pastor Later told
him to confess his deeds which he later did. He later realised she was
from the marine world and had ruined his destiny. After seven days of
Prayers he finally became delivered. I’m wondering what could have
happened to the girl as David shared his Testimony on sunday. This story
of David is lesson to us, Pray while choosing your girlfriend before
she ruins you.

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