Five Cities in Nigeria With Low Cost of Living You Should Checkout

Abuja and Lagos are the cities most people want to reside in. It’s no
surprise as Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital, is noted as one of the
most developed cities in the country with good road networks and
infrastructures, high level of business activities coupled with the best
spots for having fun. The most populous city, Lagos, is not left out
either, with first class business affiliations, multinational companies
and a good number of tall buildings and skyscrapers, it’s quite easy for
one to fall in love with these places and decide to make it a home.

However, the cost of living in said cities often comes at a high
price. All hope is not lost, however, because as time goes on more
cities in Nigeria are blossoming, not only do these cities offer a
myriad of opportunities for investments with decent paychecks, they also
offer a laidback lifestyle, great spots for unwinding plus and finally,
the most exciting part–low cost of living.

Below 5 Cities in Nigeria With Low Cost of Living:


Ibadan is not only known as a peaceful city but is a better place to
reside, in comparison to the cost of living in other major cities.
Modern facilities can be found there, plus old buildings with stories to
tell, making the city have a unique mix of modern and conservative. Low
cost of housing, vibrant fun life, tourist destinations, cheap
transportation amongst others can all be found in Ibadan.

Ikot Ekpene

When it comes to cheap living don’t joke with Ikot Ekpene which is
located in Akwa Ibom State. The city is well-known for commercial
activities as it’s the regional center of commerce. Notable exports of
palm products and ground crops come quite cheap plus housing is
affordable, transportation is accessible and inexpensive, including
beautiful sceneries.


Ilorin may not be on a lot of people’s radar but is definitely a good
place to reside. The city is blessed with remarkable natural resources,
tourist attractions, great educational facilities, and health
facilities. Several companies have advanced because of the endless
business culture which makes it an illustrious city for investors and
entrepreneurs. Standard of living in this city is very affordable as it
offers numerous ways to live economically.

Ile Ife

Ile Ife is a very interesting city with many cultural sights and
abundant food, plus the adventure it offers is exciting. Ile Ife is
located at Osun State and is home to one of Africa’s largest
ethnolinguistic groups, also famous for the Natural History Museum of
Nigeria and the Obafemi Awolowo University. The cost of living in this
city is very affordable.


Ikom is a small town that’s far more expansive and modern compared to
some other cities in Nigeria. It’s lively to some certain extent and
way cheaper too. Modern development has begun in the city and one could
enjoy some of the beautiful tourist sites the city has to offer – Afi
rain forest, Ikom beach, and Agbokim waterfall are all situated there
plus the Obudu cattle ranch resort is not far from the town either. From
food to peaceful environment to low cost of housing, the town has it

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