Interesting African Cultures You Should Know About

Africa boasts of some of the world’s most fascinating cultures and
traditions that dates back to hundred of years. There a couple of
fascinating African cultures that you probably don’t know or might not
even have heard of. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency,
shares 4 fascinating African cultures to know.
1. Living With Their Mothers
In the Gio tribe int, Ivory Coast children never live with their
fathers. The women of the tribe have their own houses (typically small
huts), where they live with their children until the children are old
enough to move out.
2. Sons are Raised by Uncles
In the Northern Angolan Songo tribe, when male children reach the
age 5 or 6 years, they are sent to live with their uncles on the
mother’s side. This is because, in their society, chiefs inherit their
titles and positions through matrilineal lines.
3. Preserving Wild Animals
The Massai people of Kenya and Tanzania are averse to killing wild
animals. They freely keep cattle and livestock, but wild animals are
left untouched. This is largely because they consider these wild animals
clan members, and each clan is associated with a specific species which
they often keep close to them and treat as a clan member.
4. Beating the Suitor
In the Fulani tribe in West Africa, the custom of beating the
suitor is followed as part of the Sharo tradition. The custom is
followed when two men are vying for the same woman.
To determine the eventual suitor of the woman, the men are asked to
compete for the hand of the woman by beating themselves up. The man who
is able to take the beating while showing the least or no sign of pain,
can take the woman as a wife. The people of the tribe might not
practice the tradition as strictly as they once did, but there are still
some parts of the tribe that practice it to the letter.

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