Checkout 6 Health Benefits of Drinking Cucumber Water

If you’re the type that doesn’t like drinking water because you find
it boring then you’re not alone. In as much as we know it’s important to
take water to keep our body hydrated and not take it only when we are
thirsty, it just seems like a chore to keep drinking something that’s
plain and tasteless all the time. I got to know about a new trick to
solve that problem and since I love my neighbor as myself I would love
to share it. It’s called cucumber-infused water.

Okay, what’s the big deal about cucumber you ask? Well, not only does
it make drinking water tastier with a refreshing flavor; it gives more
health benefits than plain old’ water and makes staying hydrated
interesting. It keeps your bones and blood healthy, helps your body
fight free radicals and makes your overall look even better.

Once you try it out, cucumber water will definitely be one drink
you’d want to take whether you are thirsty or not. Here are the great
benefits of drinking cucumber water:

Cucumber water helps your body stay hydrated

Our body is made up of about two-thirds of water, so it’s important
to drink enough water daily to stay healthy and hydrated to keep this
balance. Cucumber veggie also contains about 95 percent water, this
already makes the cucumber hydrating by itself, Cucumber is also known
to help with maintaining the right body temperature.

It’s good for your skin and body

Cucumber water helps with cleansing toxins out of the body thus
producing a more rested feeling. I read that the silica and antioxidants
helps skin stay clear, smooth and supple. By adding cucumber to water
it gives extra nutrients that help keeps your skin beautiful and
healthy. You can also wash your face with cucumber water and even more
add it to your regular beauty routine to help clear blemishes and calm
skin irritation.

Cucumbers help with Stress

Cucumbers contain many vitamins, including Vitamin B, B1, B5, and B7. These vitamins are known to help fight anxiety and stress

Drinking cucumber water helps muscles

Next time you’re going to the gym add a few slices to your drinking
water. It’s good to take this drink when working out and doing strenuous
exercises. Cucumbers contain silica a trace mineral necessary in the
repair of muscle tissues.

Cucumber is low in calorie

An entire cucumber is an average of about 45 calories, so a few
slices to your water is not really that many additional calories.
Studies have also shown that an increase in your intake of cucumber
water might also help you lose weight reducing water retention
throughout your body.

It fights free radicals

Cucumber water adds extra vitamins and minerals and several flavonoid
compounds which all act as antioxidants that seek out and destroy free
radicals. These substances can cause diseases such as diabetes, cancer
and heart diseases. Cucumber water can help supplement your diet; the
more you take, the more nutrients you receive.

Article By: Becky Onoise Of Connect Nigeria


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