Travel In Style Even When Going By Road

Could be a hassle trying to glam up while traveling by road, what
with all the dust, dirt and stains that happens by the time the trip is
over. Most women don’t even bother with the stress of packing their
hair, they just wrap it in a hairnet or scarf. The thing is though, you
can still slay while traveling by bus. Let’s not leave all the fun for
those traveling by air (hope am not the only one deathly afraid of
flying). So here are a few tips to being all shades of stylish but comfy
through the hectic ride:

The best color for traveling by road:
Uh this a no-brainier, just avoid light colors. You don’t want to look
like you were dragged through a bull rodeo sport by the time the journey
is over. Dull colors are better (black, grey, brown, dark purple) but
of course you get to use accessories to shine.
Don’t underestimate the power of a hairpin. It gives your hair this
pretty look even with an updo. Try out the bumpit hairpins, my favorite,
or the hair barrette pins. You could always go with a hat too, the
baseball cap or fedora, a pair of sun shades would do a lot of magic as
well. Also, wear minimal jewelry. Remember, the aim is to look fab and
yet be comfortable.
Make-up: Keep it simple; powder, check, lip gloss, check, and well shaped brow, and you’re good to go.
For braids, It’ll be comfortable to pack it up in a bun. This way it’s
not all over your back and shoulders. For weaves you can pack it also in
a bun or make it into corn rows.
The right outfit is important:
For gown lovers go for a knee length. A short gown would cause you to
be too aware of yourself like; when you bend to pick up your suitcases
or if it gets windy etc. With long gowns you wouldn’t be bothered with
holding up the hem of your gown while carrying your bags.
Comfy Pants: Your pants should not be too tight; let it be loose enough for our skin to breathe.
Extra Layer: To protect from cold (AC) or cold weather, a scarf or warm jacket is OK too.
Footwear:  Definitely ditch the heels or wedge. Go for a slip-on loafer, flat shoes or sneakers.
Hope this article helps for your next trip. Leave your comments or opinions on more tips you might have.

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