Wow: MTN and Lumos Launch Mobile Electricity

Do you know about the new mobile electricity service called “Lumos
Mobile Electricity” which you can conveniently pay for with your airtime
via your mobile phone? Startled? Well yes! This innovative
solar-powered gadget allows you to enjoy noise-free and fume-free
electricity 24/7 without disruption.

The Mobile Electricity gadget
is said to have the capacity to power appliances of up to 60W; it can
power bulb for your room, charge your mobile phones and power other
gadgets like fans, televisions and computers for your daily use.
However, this service comes with plan options that you can conveniently
choose from.
To setup the mobile service, you are required to pay ₦26000 to join the service and choose from the plan tabled below:

Plan Price Per day Total Plan Price
5 days 200 1,000
10 days 180 1,800
30 days 150 45,00
90 days 140 12,600
180 days 130 23,400
365 days 128 46,720

Below are the few steps you have to follow to get the Lumo Mobile Electricity service:

  1. Enter an MTN Store nearest to you and SIGN UP for the Mobile Electricity service with an MTN SIM registered in your name, a valid ID card and the Names of 2 verifiable guarantors.
  2. Install the gadget by using authorized installers nearest to your location.
  3. Pay for the electricity bill via your mobile phone.

Note: Upon SIGN UP, you will be given the mobile electricity device kit which contains the following: Large 80W solar panel unit and cable; Solar indoor unit; USB mobile phone charger; 2 powerful led bulbs; DC to AC converter.
Get your Mobile Electricity System activated:
After the SIGN UP and installation of your mobile electricity system, it is important you activate it to enjoy power. Here is how to activate it:

  • Confirm if you have enough credit on your MTN SIM registered for the Lumo Electricity Service.
  • Choose the plan you want to activate from the aforementioned plans.
  • SMS your preferred plan to 317. For instance, if you prefer 30 days plan SMS “30” to 317
  • Get a confirmation SMS and start enjoying the Lumo electricity service.

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