Health Tips: 5 Things You Do That Could Result In Long-Term Health Problems

There are many of our daily activities which seem normal that could
result in health problems in the future. There are many common ones, but
we’ll only take 5 in this article:

  1. Sitting for long hours

9 to 5 usually involves a lot of sitting. Apart from the back pain
which is a way your body lets you know that sitting for too long is not
good for you, prolonged sitting can also result in bad posture, obesity,
and a whole lot of health risks linked to a desk-bound lifestyle. To
check this, take walks and stretches between work hours, and create time
to engage your body in exercises aimed at correcting posture and
burning calories.

  1. Inhaling fumes from generators and automobiles

and automobiles are a necessary evil in Nigeria. The fumes they give
off contain carbon monoxide which at high levels can suffocate victims,
and at moderate or low levels of exposure over long periods can result
in heart diseases. There have been reports of families dying in their
sleep as a result of inhaling fumes given off by their generators. If
your eyes smart when stuck in traffic due to accumulated exhausts, you
should be thinking of safer ways to cope. Always make sure your
generator (and that of your neighbor’s) is placed in an area that is
well ventilated, with the pipe away from windows. While in traffic, use a
handkerchief as a filter.

  1. Constantly looking at computer screens

emitted from the screens of computers and smartphones hardly poses a
threat to our eyes. The problem is the proximity of these devices to our
eyes and the prolonged length of time spent staring at them which can
result in poor eyesight in the long run. The kind of light emitted by
computers and smartphones is blue light (a component of white light)
which is also emitted by fluorescent light bulbs and LED devices.
However, we do not spend too much time staring at light bulbs. Protect
your eyes by; reducing the amount of time spent on these gadgets, using
screen filters, and shielding your eyes with computer glasses preferably
recommended by an eye care expert.

  1. Always listening to loud sound

our ears receive sound, tiny hair cells known as nerve endings convert
them to signals which pass through nerves to the brain. Constantly
exposing the ears to high sound vibrations can damage the nerve endings
overtime, resulting in a noise-induced hearing loss. Once in a while,
one might be in a noisy/loud environment, but taking care to avoid being
the one who creates such an environment is important. Use headphones
less, and always make sure to turn down the volume when using them. Turn
down the volume of television and sound system speakers (and ask your
neighbors to do so too). If you work in an environment that emits loud
noises, consider using earplugs.

  1. Addiction to cell phones and social media

you find it difficult keeping away from your phones, you are on the
verge of an addiction already. The obsession for uploads, likes and
comments (which can be interpreted as seeking approval); the anxiety you
feel when you have to forfeit hours without your phone or social media;
and the odd desire to always press your phone’s buttons, are telltale
signs of a compulsive disorder. Could this be harmful? Psychologists
think so. Resist the temptation by deliberately setting time away from
your phones and sticking to it. Apps like ‘Offtime’ helps in reducing phone distractions by limiting the use of apps for a set period of time.


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