Ten Brands That Have Become Household Names in Nigeria

There’re some brands that have become household names in Nigeria, so much so that most people don’t know the actual names for the product themselves. It cracks me up when I hear someone say ‘Buy me Beefy Gala.’ Even worse when people ask for Indomie, when what they actually want is Chikki noodles and not Indomie noodles, and so on. These brand names have become so popular we forget they’re not the general terms. Let’s take a look at ten of such brands.


Jik products - household names - www.connectnigeria.com

JIK Products

It’s hard to think of bleach without imagining Jik. Jik is produced by the consumer goods company Reckitt Benckiser, and did you know they made two types? The thin bleach range is used for both garments and household cleaning while the thick bleach is used for whitening garments. The thin bleach range consists of Regular, Pot Pourri, Perfumed and Lemon Fresh. Why not consider these tips when next you go shopping.

Gala Sausage Rolls - household names - www.connectnigeria.com

GALA Sausage Rolls

Here is Nigeria’s number 1 sausage roll by UAC Foods, since 1962. Perhaps the term sausage roll is ambiguous or simply doesn’t stick, because we hardly ever use it. Everyone calls it Gala. To differentiate Gala from others, buyers and sellers have to call it ‘Original Gala’. UAC Foods Nigeria is also the manufacturers of Supreme ice cream.

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Dettol Brand Logo

In case you never noticed, check your market list. You might get another choice when you get to the store, but Dettol almost comes by default when you think of a bathing antiseptic. Did you know that Dettol owns other disinfecting agents such as bathing soap, hand washing soap, antiseptic creams, body wash, and a range of cleaning liquids. Dettol brand is also owned by Reckitt Benckiser and they have a long list of other consumer products.


- household nameBIC - www.connectnigeria.com

BIC Brand Logo

For most people, even when the pen is not by BIC, it’s a bic. BIC is a brand, and they even manufacture shaving sticks, you remember?


Omo - household names - www.connectnigeria.com

Omo Detergent Products

I’m not sure how old this brand is, but this Unilever brand could be the mother of detergents. It used to be an all blue powder in cardboard paper box but now there’s a range of powder and liquid laundry products.


Indomie - household names - www.connectnigeria.com

Indomie Logo

This list would be incomplete without Indomie. Indomie has won our hearts in such a way that we are conditioned to think any plate of instant noodles is a plate of Indomie. It’s manufactured by Dufil Group, Nigeria’s first instant noodles manufacturing plant. They’re also the manufacturers of Minimie Chinchin and Power Oil and they have done a great job engraving the Indomie brand in our subconscious when it comes to noodles.

Super Glue

Super Glue

Super Glue is a trade name too, owned by the American company, Super Glue Corporation. They’re so popular that other adhesives attach the term super glue after their own trade name.


Dunlop slippers flip flops - household names - www.connectnigeria.com

Dunlop Flip flops

Yes, they make slippers. However, they’re not the only producers of those comfortable flip flops. Next time you come across a pair, check to see if they’re made by some other brand.


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Panadol Logo

Panadol is a trade name and product of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). It’s important to note that it contains the pain relief medication paracetamol, and hence it must not be combined with other medications that contain paracetamol.


Golden Penny Semovita - household names - www.connectnigeria.com

Golden Penny Semovita

Semovita is made from semolina, a type of coarse wheat. The brand- Golden Penny Semovita, is manufactured by the food company Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc, alongside other products.

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