Romance: 6 most painful mistakes men make in bed

The success of our sex life depends on both partners. We all make mistakes sometimes and the best way to avoid them is practicing. This time we are going to talk about common sex mistakes that men make. Keep them in mind, boys, when the next time you are alone with your beloved one. However, this list is also useful for women. Which of these mistakes does your boyfriend do? Maybe it is time to discuss them with your partner. Real russian women tries to help you to become better with your beloved one.

1. Poor hygiene. Smell is one of the attributes of safety for a human. Sense of smell helps us to distinguish potential troubles. It also refers to sexual partners. Smelling good is the key for attraction in any situation, beginning with casual dates and ending with love symphony in bed. So, maintain your daily hygiene, don’t give up on perfumes or fragrant shower-gels, and get rid of unnecessary hair, that represent a big trouble for oral.

2. Not going beyond a bedroom. Women don’t get aroused so easily as men. It is very important to maintain the intimacy and romantic spirits during the whole day. For example, it’s very thrilling to tease your dame in the morning when you have breakfast, or to text pleasant romantic massages. Kisses and long hugs also help to warm up. Moreover, it is completely unnecessary to move into your bedroom to continue; try to ‘’explore’ more space for making love time after time.

3. Rough or awkward undressing. When it comes the time to take the clothes off, men usually make two types of errors: they do it too fast and rude, or do it clumsy. In the first case, it may be explained with the extreme passion. Do you remember the sex-scenes in movies when a man tears woman’s shirt? It looks fantastic and really turns on both partners, but only when it happens rare. Do you really think it is normal to do it constantly? Moreover, take to the account that high-quality lingerie is very expensive, so be careful at least with that. Women require a gentle approach. Another error, clumsiness, appear when guys cannot take off the bra properly. If your girlfriend yawns while you make efforts or ask you to do it herself, then you should investigate some techniques. And another awkward thing is sex in socks. No comments…

4. Being too rude, speaking too dirty. This fact brings down most of men, but only few women prefer rough sex. Of course, a slow tempo can be annoying and boring time after time, so a certain acceleration is always in need to brighten the experience. But rudeness is a completely another thing. Allow yourself to be rude and talk dirty only if it is consensual. Otherwise, your actions will be treated as humiliation, and intimacy doesn’t forgive this. Always ask her opinion after such experiments to improve this technique.

5. Being silent and emotionless. Sweet women’s moans are the most significant sign of true pleasure. Men usually don’t like silence and modesty in bed, so expressing satisfaction is a major task. But since when did men start thinking they should be like a cold rock? Expressing your feelings during sex is very important. Of course, it is not necessary to be too loud; it ruins the atmosphere of unity and intimacy. Demonstrate you like the process; otherwise, you will remain a senseless robot or make your partner think she is doing something wrong.

6. Not sharing the fantasies. Happy couples always tell about their sexual fantasies. Their realization is a core of diversity, which helps to maintain a healthy sex life. Unfortunately, women share their fantasies more willingly than men do. Keeping thoughts in mind is harmful for every aspect of relationships. Sometimes men even justify themselves with statements they are too old for this stuff. It is never too late to brighten your love games, because they make you and your partner happy.

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