JUNGLE JUSTICE; An Addiction That Should Be Wiped From Our Society

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I couldn’t bring myself to completely watch a video some weeks back of two people who stole a bike and the sort of judgement the society we live in felt was most appropriate punishment for the sin that was committed.

Two guys stole a bike and they were both burnt alive with the bike. They were first beaten with all kinds of hard object you can ever think of before finally fuel was poured on them like they were some set of rags that needed to be burnt and then the fire. The result was that one died on the spot and the other probably will never live a normal life ever again even if he was taken to the best hospital in the world. This happened in one of the Eastern states in Nigeria.

I have a certain kind of believe and could not put myself together to watch that video. After watching to the extent that I thought I could take, I dropped the phone and left the place. I asked for the outcome of the whole scenario because the more I watched it, the more I felt the need to do a write up.

While that is not the first of such videos that I have seen but I thought how long such judgement will be seen as appropriate. Infact just some few days after the whole bike video case, someone sent me another video of a lady who stole a phone. It’s not a video to be kept so I deleted it and didn’t think it was a video to be distributed, shared or sent to people. I consider such act of violence “barbaric”.
When I did the write up on euthanasia, (if you have not seen that write up, it’s a must see) I did research on suicide, mercy killing, life imprisonment and death by hanging and I discovered how much the world has evolved. I consider all (suicide, mercy killing, lif imprisonment and death by hanging) to be related in one from or the other.

I can never say this enough or get tired of saying that “a life that cannot be created should not be taken”. Life is precious and should be cherished. I am not justifying stealing but that is not to say jungle justice is the perfect punishment for any kind of sin. Some times after the act, you discover the people who got the punishment suffered that as a result of misconception just like the case of the four uniport student.we have the law and I don’t know when we learn not to take laws into our hands.

As far as I researched, death by hanging is in extinction already in most countries of the world and the worst punishment anyone can get for a very bad crime is life imprisonment. For me, I think that is a good enough judgement. People who even get the life imprisonment punishment never ever get the chance to live a normal life, so is that not good enough?. Some countries have begin to realise the fact that “a life that cannot be created should not be taken”. The best science has been able to do for us is to create a robot. They have not been able to create a life.

What is the worst sin a person can commit?….it is to take a soul and then do we think that taking that life that took a soul is the best punishment. Humans can never give the best punishment that is commensurate for a soul that was taken by anyone……why, because that life was not created by them in the first place. So we do not soil our hands or worsen that which is already bad enough.

I see jungle justice same way I see death by hanging and don’t think it is something pride anyone should associate themselves with. Sometimes I wonder if the people who take the law into their hands never think of the “maybes” and the “what ifs” in between all that transpired. JUNGLE JUSTICE is a NO NO and I know some people are on this with me.

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