Health: Six Useful Tips on Preventing Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer that
affects females all over the world. It is no respecter of class, race or
religion. Although there are a lot of treatment options available for
treating breast cancer, the fact still remains that prevention is better
than cure. The best way to get ahead of breast cancer is to prevent it
and detect it early enough. There are numerous health awareness schemes
going on about how to prevent this deadly disease, but some people are
still not aware of simple and basic ways to prevent breast cancer.
Today, we will be sharing some useful tips with you:

1. Drink less alcohol

Research has shown that drinking much alcohol increases your risk of
breast cancer. Excessive alcohol intake generally predisposes you to a
lot of diseases that the body may not be able to fight on its own. If
you must drink alcohol, it is recommended to limit yourself to not more
than one drink per day.

2. Quit smoking

It is common knowledge that smoking gradually kills you. It breaks
down the collagen in the breasts and also affects the lungs. In fact,
different researches have suggested that smoking causes more than one
cancer. You already know about lung cancer, there is more evidence that
smoking increases your risk of breast cancer.

3. Be fit

Exercise and being physically active is good for the body and even
necessary for a healthy life. Being fit helps you to maintain a steady
weight and improve overall health. If you are overweight or obese, now
is the time to lose some of that weight and become fitter and healthier.

4. Breastfeed

Breastfeeding plays an important role in breast cancer prevention.
The hormonal and body processes involved during breastfeeding helps to
protect the breast against cancer. It also allows you to quickly detect
lumps or any signs of abnormalities in the breast.

5. Eat healthy

Junk and processed foods are usually loaded with chemicals and
preservatives, it is in your best interest to avoid them as much as
possible. The spices contained in them are not very healthy for the
body. Besides, the fat and cholesterol in them are bad and should be
avoided. Try as much as possible to eat whole foods, fruits, and
vegetables instead of junk and processed foods.

6. Avoid overexposure to radiation

Totally avoiding radiation might be unavoidable since our phones and
electronic gadgets give them off although in little-restricted
quantities. However, x-rays and scans utilize radiations in no little
quantities, so it is advisable to reduce the frequency of doing them, if
possible, ensure that you do not exceed more than two scans a year so
as to reduce your exposure to radiation. However, if you work in places
where radiation is used, endeavor to wear the protective clothing


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