Five Beautiful Protective Hairstyles for Black Women

If you love your tresses and want them to
stay healthy and beautiful, then you’ll need to occasionally protect
them from the elements.  Especially if you’ve got a head full of dense,
kinky African hair. Although kinky hair is beautiful and can be worn in
unique styles, it needs extra special tender loving care. This is
because kinky hair can be susceptible to getting dry and brittle. The
secret to long and healthy natural hair is, among other things, constant

Are there other reasons why you should wear protective hairstyles? Yes, there are.

  • To protect the hair from environmental factors.
  • To help the hair retain moisture.
  • To reduce incidences of hair breakage.
  • To look chic and stunningly beautiful.
What to do before you make a protective hairstyle.

Many naturalistas aren’t sure of how to ‘treat’ their hair before
they make a protective style. In order to get the most out of your kinky
hair, you must give it a lot of attention, love, and patience. Here are
a few hair care tips that can give you better hair results.

  • Deep-condition your hair (if you want soft, smooth and silky hair, I recommend blended avocado pear, honey and probably, table mayonnaise).
  • Do a tea rinse (to reduce hair breakages and to cleanse an itchy scalp).
  • Massage your hair with oils and butter (shea butter and/or cocoa butter).
  • Use a good leave-in conditioner.
  • Always keep your hair stretched out before sleeping (cover your hair with a silk scarf).

Now it’s time to reveal the top most beautiful protective hairstyles on my list. First on my list is

Crochet braids

Crochet by Nubi Kinky
Crochet braids waltzed into the hair and fashion industry in 2015,
and they won’t be disappearing anytime soon. Also known as latch hook
braids, they took the world by storm having been inspired by the hair
revolution of the 90’s.

As a protective hairstyle, crochet braids are stylish, beautiful and
diverse. Not only are they easy to make, they take less time and last a
lot longer.

What’s more? They come in different designs and styles. In fact, there are at least 31 beautiful crochet braids
hairstyles you can make. This makes it impossible to run out of
options. From the faux wash and go to the big wavy curls, crochet braids
will give you that confident, fabulous look you deserve.

How do you install crochet braids? The most common method involves
first weaving the hair into cornrows and then looping the extensions
through the cornrows. This looping is done using a spoke-like hook. If
you like to experiment with textures, lengths, colors and styles, then
try some crochet braids styles.

Short kinky twists

Short kinky twists have been in vogue for a long time now. And it’s
easy to see why. They are great hairstyles for the tropics and for
summer break. If you want a hairstyle that doesn’t bother you with heat
or itchiness on the neck and back, then you won’t regret the short kinky
twists. Don’t feel discouraged if you have long tresses, hairstylists
have devised a method of folding the hair so that it stays as shot as
the kinky twist.

Before you install these twists in your hair, ensure that you do a
tea rinse to strengthen your strands. This hairstyle can be work in a
number of ways. You can do a three step twist, or a part Ghana weaving,
part stand-alone twists.

Want to protect your hair during dry, hot seasons? Try short kinky
twists. Not only will you protect your hair, you’ll look fabulous and

Fulani braids and big cornrows Into A Ponytail

Both of these protective styles is safer than most all-back styles
because it doesn’t put pressure on the fragile curls of hair in the
front part of the hair. In fact, no hair enthusiast should omit Fulani
braids from their list of protective styles. Not only are they beautiful
and stylish, they are effective in helping frontal hair growth.  I also
like the youthful look they give a face. Want to look young and
innocently beautiful? Fulani braids or inner-matting are one way to
achieve this. They look good on children and adults alike.

Beware of any braid that tightly pulls the front of your hair so that
you don’t go bald in the front parts of the hair. Take steps to make
bigger cornrows, rather that smaller tighter braids. The front part of
the hair is not only fragile, it’s slower and more difficult to grow.

Why not try the trendy big cornrows pulled into a ponytail? It’s a
fast and painless hairstyle that will make your stand out from the

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots via
You have to be super confident in yourself to pull off a very fine
Bantu knot hair do. Straight from the 90’s this protective hairstyle is
fab and simply stunning. If you have a fine long neck you want to show
off, go for a Bantu knot hairstyle and you’re sure to turn heads.

Here’s how it is made- the hair is twisted around until it turns back
on itself. Although this hairstyle protects your hair from damage, it
can be quite uncomfortable to sleep in. But it is worth wearing for some
time, especially when there is a type of cultural event to be attended.
Bantu knots are the best.

Havana Twists

I love me some Havana twists. I loved the bold look they give a face.
They are gorgeously unique and in a class of their own. Havana twist
hairstyles are versatile and allow a lot of room for experimenting with
pins, clips, highlights and even beads.

They can be worn in different unique, amazing styles.

So how are the Havana twists installed? The twists are formed with
two strands rather than three (like the crochet braids). The preferred
size of the twists determine how tight or lose the twists will be

Havana extensions tend to cost more than crotchet braids and most
extensions. Do consider that Havana twists tend to require some
preplanning and maintenance routines.

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