Actress Ireti Doyle Full Biography

BIRTH NAME:             Iretiola Olusola Ayinke

DATE OF BIRTH:         3rd of May 1967

OCCUPATION:            Actress,TV Producer,Writer,OAP.


Ireti Doyle is a popular Nigerian actress who started acting as far back as 1995, she’s featured in several blockbuster movies after her debut and she is married to co-actor Patrick Doyle

Iretiola was born on the 3rd of May 1967 in Ondo State but spent her early years with her family in Boston, United States. After returning to Nigeria, she attended Christ’s School Ado Ekiti and graduated from the University of Jos with a degree in Theatre Arts.
Can you give us a glimpse into your background?
My name is Iretiola
Olushola Ayinke Doyle. I’m from Ondo State; Akure to be precise. I’m a
wife, a mother, an actress, a writer, a producer, a presenter. At the
age of two my parents went to America, so my early education was done
there in Boston. I came back when I was 11 years old, went to Christ
School, Ado Ekiti – primary and secondary school. Left in form three,
finished from Apostlic Church Grammar School and had a degree in Theater
Arts from University Of Jos.

How was growing up like for you?
several years, I was the only child because my eldest sister wasn’t
living with us and my brother came seven years later. So, I enjoyed a
lot being the only one. I had the best of everything. Education was
sweet. I was raised pretty much independently, so it was fun. My brother
came along, so the attention shifted. It was still fun and kind of
strict. My parents were kind of disciplinarians. Getting away with
nonsense wasn’t easy.

In a career that has spanned two decades in the Nigerian entertainment industry, her credits cut across stage, television and film and print. An accomplished writer, actor, producer and presenter; Iretiola Doyle was born on the 3rd of May in Lagos Nigeria and in the course of her life has lived in New York, Boston, Jos and Lagos. She also produced and presented her own fashion and lifestyle how titled Oge With Iretiola for ten years and at different times anchored several A-list television shows, like Morning Ride, Today On STV and Nimasa This Week on Channels TV.

She is a renowned writer and has several screen plays to her credits Amaka Igwe’s Tempest (Season 1) being one of them. Iretiola Doyle is an avid social commentator who at different times penned the popular columns; Shooting Breeze in City People, and In The Chat Room in the Gliteratti pull-out of this This Day Newspaper and Tiola’s Take in the Saturday Vanguard. She has been nominated once in the Best Actress category at the Reel Awards in 1998 for her role in the movie All About Ere and twice in the Best Actress in a Supporting Role category at the AMAA Awards in 2007 and 2009 for her roles in Sitanda and Across The Niger respectively and was declared Best Actress in a lead role at the GIAMA Awards in Houston Texas in 2013, and Best Actress in a lead role at the 2014 Nollywood Movie Awards for her portrayal of Ovo, in the psychological thriller Torn. This performance also earned her an African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards Nomination for Best Supporting Actress in 2015. Most recently she has been nominated at the 2016 Africa Movie Academy Awards in the Best Actress In A Leading Role category for her portrayal of Dr. Elizabeth in Ebony Life Films’ blockbuster 2015 hit; FIFTY.

 Iretiola Doyle’s acting CV also includes the critical darling The Arbitration and The Wedding Party, which is the highest grossing Nigerian film in Nigerian cinema history (as of February 2017). Both films screened at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival as part of the city to city spotlight. Others include Dinner and Madam President. On television she has created memorable characters on hit shows like Fuji House Of Commotion, Dowry, and Gidi Up.

Iretiola currently stars as the enigmatic Sheila Ade-Williams in the MNET television series Tinsel. Iretiola Doyle will be reprising her role as Dr. Elizabeth in the upcoming Fifty TV series. Her most recent stage credits include The Vagina Monologues, Olorounbi The Musical and Hear Word and The Wives. Described as an ‘actor’s actor’ by her peers, she is renowned for pitch perfect performances.

How would you describe yourself?
As a person, I’m regular. Pretty
laid back, independent. I try not to take myself too seriously. I am a
peace-loving person, I’m not used to talking about myself. I’m a regular

How did you start as a television personality?
mistake actually, I’m an actress. I always say this first and foremost,
but I had the opportunity to work with the production company even while
I was still in school. Also, I had an interest to learn behind the
scenes when my production company was at the point when they were
producing television programmes. A responsibility fell on me to produce
and present a fashion show, I guess my boss who is now my husband saw or
thought it was something I would be able to do, so I just got trained
to do just that. 

What’s it like being the wife of Patrick Doyle? How would you describe your husband?
Actually no big deal really. He is a pretty laid back person. He is not
a very demanding person, he is very busy too with his own projects but
as an individual, he is very supportive of the things that I do and he
contributes towards raising the kids and running the home and all that. 
Tell me about your children. How many do you have?
We had six but we lost one. One has graduated but the rest are still in
school at different levels. Two are in the higher institution, one is
in Secondary and the last one is in Primary school.
accept my sincere condolences on your loss. I read somewhere that you
had your first child as a teenager. How old is she now?

I had her when I was 19 and she’s is 26 now. If you see us together you’d think she is my sister.
Looking back at the time you had your first child, what were the challenges you faced as a teenage mother?
Being a teenage mother is no picnic, back then or even now. As a
teenager, you have no business being a mother. You should be discovering
yourself, finding out who you are and what your dreams are. It’s one
that can and should be avoided. Very few other instances can give a
young girl a complex than being a teenage mother and it kind of clouds
all your decisions from that point on if you’re not fortunate.
Ireti And Husband Patrick


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