Women: 7 Things To Avoid During Your Menstrual Cycle

Every woman that has attained the age of puberty is bound to
experience monthly discharge of blood from the female reproductive
organ, lasting through a period of 3-7 days, depending on the
While this lasts, the body requires special care and attention, as
this period is usually accompanied with mood swings and discomfort.  To
enjoy maximum comfort during your cycle, below are seven things you must
Consuming dairy products
Dairy products like milk, yoghurt and cheese are good sources of
calcium and you need calcium during your cycle. However, you should take
minimal or completely avoid dairy products during your cycle because
they contain an acid called arachidonic acid that can cause more
cramping and bloating in the lower abdomen. Green vegetables, fish and
bone meals are good alternative sources of calcium.
Going to bed without a tampon or sanitary pads
Do not risk going to bed without protection, with the assumption
that your flow would be light. You might end up making a mess of your
night wear, sheets and bed.
Less or no protection towards end of cycle
The menstrual flow is relatively lighter as the cycle draws to
close. However, you should avoid going out without wearing protection as
it could be unpredictable. If you feel uncomfortable wearing tampons or
pads, you could use a panty liner towards the end of your cycle.
Using dark coloured or rubbery underwear
Dark colours are good conductors of heat. Your pubic area should be
free of moisture and heat during your cycle. Light coloured cotton
underwears are advisable as they provide more comfort.
Wearing white pants
While bright coloured underwear is advised, it could land you in an
embarrassing situation. This is particularly for ladies with heavy
flow. A dark coloured pant would relatively conceal stains on pants
compared to a white underpant.
Going out without a spare pad and underwear
Life is all about risks but you don’t want to risk the world seeing
a pool or stain of menstrual red on your body. Always go out with a
spare pad, tampon and underwear in case you need to change.
Using the same sanitary piece for an extensive period
Do not use your sanitary pad for more than six hours even if the boxes of pads or tampons say you could go eight hours straight.
Prolonged use of sanitary pads or tampons can lead to bacterial infection, cause bad odour and impair comfort.

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