Nigeria Tops The New List Of Biggest Alcohol Drinking Countries In Africa!(see top 5)

The 5 biggest alcohol drinking nations in Africa has always been a topic of big debate between us Africans, but for sure alcohol consumption in eastern Europe and south America is a culture, especially in Russian federation, Belarus and Ukraine even Germany all have a record on alcohol consumption.

In many countries people don’t always wake up to a Saturday morning the same. some get up really sober why some get up really hang overred, On this exclusive article we shall try to solve the puzzle of the 10 biggest alcohol drinking countries in Africa using a statistical calculation of the liters consumed per year.

Honestly, when i first got my hand the list i was famished, because i had some countries i never expected them on the list, but to my greatest surprise they made the exclusive list. before we deep in to the list, i must warn you that the majority of the type of alcohol consumed in most of this nations in the 10 biggest alcohol drinking countries in Africa, is very very traditional and locally made. which is not good for the human liver.
Remember excessive alcohol consumption is very harmful to your health, so keep those bottles down and  you will stay around a lot longer.

So, here are the 5 Biggest Alcohol Drinking Countries in Africa

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