Ladies: Checkout 5 Things Women Do That Guys Totally Hate

There are certain things the ladies do that leave the men totally
fuming and fed up with everything. These are some of those things.
1. Purposely flirting with other guys to make us jealous.
We can tell when you’re having a light-hearted conversation and
when you’re flirting to get at us. This is not a good way to
communicate… especially if you’re having relationship issue. Be a
straight shooter and don’t play games, because it will bite you in the
ass later.
2. Not offering to pay for anything after dating for a few months.
Do you think men are made of money? Most good guys want to pay, but
it’s also the 21st Century and men and women are equals. It’s important
for you to at least offer to pay every once in awhile. You could pay
for a dessert or a drink after dinner. It shows the type of reasonable
person you are.
3. Constantly talking about women you don’t like.
If you don’t like someone, then stop talking about that person.
Talking repeatedly about how much you dislike someone and their actions
is one of the most toxic behaviors you can engage in.
You are responsible for deciding who is allowed in your life. If
you don’t like someone then remove him/her. Life is short, so why have
someone in your life if their company isn’t enjoyable.
4. Comparing your relationship to the relationships of others.
Let me tell you something about Facebook… everyone looks happy in
their relationship online. That’s what they want you to think. They want
to feel better about themselves knowing their façade made you feel bad
about yourself. But here’s the thing: every relationship is messy in its
own way and NO relationship is perfect.
So go out, enjoy your life and stop living in envy. Show gratitude for what you have and appreciate the partner you are with.
5. Dropping overt passive aggressive hints.
We get it, you want something from us… maybe a vacation, a night
out, or the dishes cleaned… but instead of telling us directly and in a
kind way, you drop an obvious hint.
Him: “Hey babe, why do you keep drawing circles on this map?” Her: “Because you never take me on vacation anymore.”
This is a poor excuse for communication and is the definition of
passive aggression. You can be both direct and caring with your words as
you tell him what you need and why. It is imperative for your
relationship to include both of you… both of your needs, and both of
your wants.

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