Health Tips: 5 Things You Should Stop Doing before Bed

Most of us are guilty of certain habits we
indulge in right before bed, some of these contribute to sleeplessness
while others generally tell on your health with time. The funny part is
that most people do not even know that these habits have noticeable
effects on the health. How do you stop doing something when you do not
even know that it is affecting your sleep? These are some of the
commonest things that you should stop doing right before bed:

Drinking caffeine: A cup of coffee might not be your
best option if you are trying to get a drink before bed. Coffee and
cola drinks usually contain a good amount of caffeine which helps to
keep the brain alert during the day. However, drinking them at night can
have a negative effect on your sleep, this is because caffeine stays in
the body system for as long as eight hours after consumption, thus
telling your brain that it is not time to sleep yet.

Eating heavy meals: Heavier meals take a longer time
to digest than the light ones. Ever heard of the saying that you should
eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a
pauper? Heavy meals at night take longer to digest and might prevent
your body from sleeping immediately after eating. If you are having
something heavy for dinner, make sure you eat it as early as possible.

Using electronic gadgets: Phones, laptops, and
televisions are the biggest culprits in this category. The eyes and
brain think it is not yet time to sleep when they are still exposed to
bright light, thereby making it difficult to sleep early. If you want to
get a good night’s sleep, drop and switch off your gadgets.

Over thinking: This is perhaps the one bad habit
that people indulge in at one point or the other. Over thinking greatly
contributes to insomnia and depression. And a combination of these two
means little or no sleep. Instead of worrying and thinking about issues
so much, leave some time for actual mental rest. Sleep will come sooner
when the mind is free of troubling matters.

Smoking: Cigarettes and tobacco products contain
nicotine which is a stimulant that can repress sleep. Although a lot has
been said about the harmful effects of smoking, a lot of smokers do not
know that it murders sleep as well. Smoking right before bed stimulates
the mind to keep on working even when it is time for rest. It is
generally a bad habit that has harmful effects on the body system. If
you smoke, maybe it is finally time to quit.


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