Senator Dino Melaye Full Biography

BIRTH NAME:          Daniel Dino MelaiyeDATE OF BIRTH:     January 1, 1974OCCUPATION:        Politician (Senator, Kogi West)




Dino Melaiye is a famous Nigerian Politician, Lawmaker and member of the 8th National Assembly, representing Kogi West as a senator, He also used to be a member of the house of representatives, he is also a very controversial personality





before providence smiled on him. An indigent student from the onset. Dino an elected member of the House of Representative from Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency and Chairman Information and National Orientation started self sponsoring himself at a young age. This bold move has now shaped his life for the better, making him rank among the movers and shakers of the polity.

A very brilliant and enchanting personality, the people’s legislator, who was the head boy in both his primary and secondary school. Among his peers and contemporaries, he has grown over the years in becoming a force too strong to be ignored. He does have a complete dossier of many names and appellations he answers, call him Dino, Mr. Fix it, Imole De, Dino Marwa, Political Machine and lots more.

Daniel Dino Melaye was born in the Ancient city of Kano, Student Union Leader at the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in his varsity days before successfully leading the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS). After that he became the Secretary General of African Youth Council and then that of the Common Wealth Youth Council, positions of which won him the African youth of the year award among many other citizens of 54 competing Commonwealth countries in 2005 after which he was appointed by President Olusegun Obasanjo to chair the Presidential Advisory Council on Youths.

He bagged Bsc. Geography from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Not fewer than 30 undergraduates are enjoying scholarship under his education empowerment fund, sinking of boreholes in various villages in his constituency, donated drugs worth several millions to hospitals in various villages and not to forget his continuous widow empowerment programme.
Dino Daniel Melaye is a father of 3.


He was a member of the house of representatives representing his home district in Kogi state Nigeria.

Dino was inaugurated as member of the Senate on June 9, 2015 having emerged as winner of the Senatorial election that was held on April 28, 2015. He seconded the nomination of Senator Bukola Saraki as candidate for the office of President of the Senate following a nomination made by Senator Ahmad Sani Yerima. While he appears to be an anti-graft campaigner in the socio-political space, his lifestyle is irreconcilably different from what he preaches.

A case in point, long after he became a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mr. Melaye continued to operate a checking and savings account with a US bank, in violation of Nigeria law, a report he has not denied. Nigeria’s Code of Conduct Bureau strongly and clearly prohibits the use of foreign accounts by elected and public officials.

One transaction on Mr. Melaye’s Bank of America debit card is an approved payment to the New York-based Schweiger Dermatology for $1,000. The company describes itself as a medical and cosmetic dermatology service offering a variety of skin healthcare needs. Mr. Melaye has repeatedly dodged questions that he operates these bank accounts, despite evidence provided including transaction dates, bank statements, card numbers, and location of the transactions. He has openly bragged on national TV that he’ll one day rule the most populous black nation.

As a senator of the federal republic of Nigeria. In 2015 Dino Melaye has become the member of Nigerian Senate from the Kogi West Senatorial District. Formerly he was House of Representatives’ member and opposed President Jonathan Goodluck ruling, calling his government the most corrupt one in Nigeria. At the same time, Melaye’s political career was not spared of scandals and accusations.

This inevitable personality has won him several awards in his prestigious years of service; they are Best Honourable Representative of the Year by Global Youth Awareness and Development Initiative,Protector of the Youth P.D.P National Youth Vanguard, Epitome of Servant by National Association of Kogi State Students, Youth Libra for Award by the Visioners Club of Kogi State, the Great Motivator of Students by Nigerian Economic Student Association, Icon of Good Leadership by Kogi Peoples Forum, 2008 Diplomatic Member of the year by St. Monica’s College Kabba and the most performed National Legislator by Vision 2020 Youth Group. Most vibrant honourable member, Abuja merit Awards African Parliamentarian of the year 2005 in U.S.A. He is presently the chairman house committee on the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

He is currently unmarried but was married to Tokunbo Melaye for 10 years. She filed for divorce after a domestic violence dispute where she claimed that he beat her up and pointed a gun to her head. Shortly after, Dino Melaye moved another woman named Alero Falope into the home that he shared with Tokunbo. Falope moved out 6 months later. Tokunbo had 3 children for Dino with another child of an unnamed woman in July 2016.


What motivated you to go into politics?
My drive in politics is to make life more bearable for Nigerians. My interest in politics is for developmental reasons. I am in politics to right the wrongs of the society. I am in politics to offer palliatives to Nigerians. I am in politics to make sure that the youths of this country get their fair share in power sharing and resources of this country. My drive has always been revolutionary books which affected my life. Early in life I read books on Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. and that has helped in revolutionising my life and resulted in a positive effect on me politically. So my driving force is my orientation, my indoctrination from most autobiographies that I have read and more important God.


What is the future of youths in attaining the political leadership of this country?
Power is never served as a buffet.  To attain power, you must struggle for it. The youths of this country will not get power on a platter of gold. So they must come out of their cocoons and begin to make sacrifices in search for power. The youths of this country must be resolute. They should be interested in how they are being governed and they must be interested in policy formulation and implementation. They must be interested in their political and economic environment. That is the only way they can capture power because power is not given; power is taken. The youths of this country must show capacity and interest in every facet of our national life and they must also make sure that they react to the environment. Power ultimately belongs to God. But when man wants it, man must labour for it because he that refuses to labour should not eat. The youths of this country are about 65 per cent of our population and have about 70 per cent of the voting rights in this country. The youths have the strength, the energy, the dynamism, the intellectual prowess and more important the population to capture power.


Many believe that you are young and therefore they query the source of your stupendous wealth. How did you get your money?
I don’t know about stupendous wealth. I don’t know about being wealthy, but I will say I am a comfortable Nigerian and I have never got any contract from the government contract in my life. I have also never taken any political appointment in my life or a position where I have control over government funds. I have never had government imprest and I challenge anyone who has any criminal allegation against me to actually come out and present it. With the vigour with which I fought the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan, if I had any skeleton in my cupboard, by now it would have been exposed. For a man who buys very expensive cars with his name labelled on the number plate, it is enough to tell you that he is clean. I am a very transparent Nigerian, a very open and honest Nigerian. I have never stolen from government and I can say it without fear. I challenge anyone to prove me otherwise. But at the same time, God is the ultimate giver of legitimate wealth and anyone who really wants to tap into the anointing of getting resources from God should please consult me.
Before you became a senator, were you already a millionaire?
I have not acquired anything dramatically new since I became a senator. The houses I have in this city (Abuja), I acquired before being sworn in as a senator. Hard work pays and the Holy Book says God shall supply my needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. To me, that is very fundamental. My source of wealth is heavenly, my purse is divine and it won’t dry up.
You were the brains behind the ‘Like-Mind’ senators; a platform through which Saraki became the Senate Presidnt. Now, he is facing the Code of Conduct Tribunal over discrepancies in the declaration of his assets. Why didn’t you advise him to resign honourably?
I am not Bukola Saraki. I don’t speak for Bukola Saraki. And I cannot speak for Bukola Saraki. But all I want to say is that if Bukola Saraki thinks he is guilty, he should resign. But if he thinks he is not guilty, there is no reason he should resign. I say it without fear or favour that what Bukola Saraki is passing through is not prosecution. It is persecution. You don’t punish a man for being ambitious. The reason Saraki was before the Code of Conduct (Tribunal) in the first instance was because he was being ambitious. President Muhammadu Buhari is also an ambitious character; having contested (the presidential) election three times and he got it  (won the poll) the fourth time. That shows how ambitious he is and then getting to the Presidency now, he should not be queried for being ambitious. I am also ambitious; I want to be the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is God that gives power to whosoever he wishes. So for me, the CCT trial is a kangaroo one and at the end of the day, nothing will come out of it. Just as the case of forgery was withdrawn, this in due course won’t see the light of the day.

– A bill for an act to create National Cardiothoracic Centres


– Deplorable state of Education in Nigeria
– Nigerian Communication Commission and Telecommunication Regulation
– Need for Public and Political Officer Holders to curb frequent oversea medical treatment
– Removal of speed bumps on Abuja Highways
– Inhuman treatment of NITEL workers arising from non-payment of their salary arrears
– The N65 billion overpriced run way project
– Ministry of Agriculture failure to disburse N200b loan
– Exploitation by NECO on unemployed Nigerian
– Partial and non implementation 2008 and 2009 MDG quick win project
– Partial and non implementation 2008 and 2009 MDG quick win project
– Motion on the sales of Fg’s properties in the US
– Motion on the Auction of 1,000 tractors and accessories procured for over 65Billion
– Motion on the construction of dualization of Airport and Kubwa road by Julius Berger at 257Billion Naira.
– Motion on Delta Steel, led to revocation of sale to GHIL
– Motion on Siemens, the motion led to the resignation of Chief Vincent Ogbulafor and trial in court


2018 UPDATE: Dino Melaye Arrest

Melaye on 23rd of April 2018 landed in the hospital after jumping out of a moving police vehicle which was conveying him to Lokoja, Kogi State where he is expected to be interrogated by the police in connection with the allegation that he armed some thugs and in relation to other criminal activities.

The lawmaker who is representing Kogi West sustained some injuries after the incident.

The senators arrived the hospital around 1:29 p.m. in three buses shortly after  suspending plenary to visit Melaye.

They also shared the video of their arrival at the hospital in a video on the official Facebook page @NigerianSenate

Nine of the Senators including the Saraki were allowed to see Melaye who is now in the Intensive Care Unit of the National Hospital.

The embattled Senator Dino Melaye according to a statement by police authorities on Tuesday jumped from the moving vehicle allegedly in a bid to escape.

Melaye had earlier been interrogated by the police over his alleged involvement in the supply of arms to some political thugs arrested in Kogi State in January.

The lawmaker had earlier refused to honour the invitation of the police for questioning over his alleged involvement in that incident, claiming he does not feel safe in Lokoja.

Senator Melaye was detained and subsequently released at the International wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe international airport on Monday by the Nigerian Immigration Service.

The lawmaker had also raised an alarm on the social media on Monday evening on how the police had laid siege to his home in Abuja.

There is a picture of him handcuffed in the hospital by police


Dino Melaye 1
Dino and kids

Dino melaye with senate president saraki