10 Amazing Waterfalls You Will Find In The Northern Nigeria(Pics)

Bet you didn’t know Nigeria is blessed with breathtaking waterfalls, springs and lakes that are not just used to power electricity to the country and game reserves but open to tourists as well.
Here’s a list of beautiful water falls found in Northern Nigeria. Explore the nearest one to you and share your experiences with us.

1. Gurra Falls Plateau State

This resulted from the activities of tin mining in the area. Kurra Falls is used by Nigerian Electricity Supply Company (NESCO) to generate electricity power for a large number of communities in the area

2. Kainji Lake – Niger State

Kainji Lake, in western Nigeria, is a reservoir on the Niger River, formed by the Kainji Dam. It was formed in 1968 and is a part of Niger State and Kebbi State. Kainji Lake National Park (KNLP), situated around the lake, is Nigeria’s oldest National Park, established in 1976.

3. Pandam Game Reserve and Lake – Plateau State

This provides sports fishing activities and relaxation center for the public.
Pandam lake

4. Assop Water Falls – Plateau State

The site is an area of Guinea Savanna on the slopes and top of a mid-altitude ridge of the Jos Plateau, beside the Jos-Kagoro road, about 70 km from Jos. The vegetation comprises gallery forests surrounded by grasslands. The Assop River, which feeds the picturesque rapids and falls, drains part of the Jos Plateau.
Assop falls

5. Gurara Water Falls – Niger State

This wonderful waterfall is best described as Nigeria’s premier falls. The waterfall is simply amazing, small streams diverts from the main Gurara river running softly around rocks on top of the cliff, converging from score tributaries in the narrow rugged pass and dashing out from the cliff with a gushing power. The water shines under the sun as beautiful as fireworks.

6. Wikki Warm Spring – Bauchi State

A famous attraction in the Yankari national park. It is particularly prized for its warm water. It is available for both night and day for tourists who cherish swimming. Wikki Warm spring, which has a constant temperature of 31 call year round. The spring gushes water out from underneath a limestone escapement surrounded by vegetation that boosts the ecology of the warm spring. The standard of the Reserve is being upgraded to world-class status, comparable to other
Wikki 2

7. Enemabia Warm Spring – Benue State 


One of the famous attractions in Benue State. It is particularly prized for its warm water. It is available for both night and day for tourists who cherish swimming.

8. Owu Water Fall – Kwara State (Western Nigeria)

This is one of the highest and most spectacular waterfalls in West Africa and is sometimes referred to as ‘WONDER IN THE WILDERNESS’. It cascades from a height of about 120 meters to form a pool of ice cold water at the base. The site has a beautiful landscape and offers visitors a refreshing atmosphere.
owu fall

9. Hunki Ox-Bow Lake – Nasarawa State

The Lake is like an Ox-bow, shaped in two arms with each of them measuring 6-7 kilometers long and 70 kilometers wide

11. Eggon Warm Spring – Nasarawa State


12. Lamurde Warm Spring – Adamawa State

Lamurde hot spring is part on the world’s popular Sukur Cultural Landscape, which consists of a palace, villages, and the remains of an iron industry. The place was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999 and has since become one of the top tourist destinations in Nigeria.

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