Actress Sola Kosoko Full Biography

FULL NAME:          Janet Wasilat Sola Kosoko

DATE OF BIRTH:   Unknown

OCCUPATION:        Actress



Sola kosoko is an award winning popular Nigerian actress, she is a daughter of the veteran actor Jide Kosoko, she  came into the industry in the 90s and she’s remained relevant since then. She is not much of a filmmaker but she is definitely a prolific actress.



Sola attended Olabisi Onabanjo University, from where she graduated with a degree in Sociology.
Sola Kosoko came from a family of actors and actresses that have been
part of the success of the Nigerian film industry. The young and
charming daughter of movie veteran “Jide Kosoko”.

Her father encouraged her to go into acting shortly after graduating
from secondary school, though Sola was reluctant, maintaining that she
would rather further her education, she later capitulated and now she is
doing well in the movie industry. But she has her father to thank today
for insisting that she should be part of the glamorous industry.
Through this, the now married lady has become a celebrity and a
sought-after actress.

She started acting in the 90s with my daddy’s movie. Initially she didn’t want to act, because her father is an actor and he encouraged her to go into acting, he persuaded her and she accepted, though reluctantly
because she felt she was too young then as she just finished secondary school about a
year before then and she was about 19 years old. She felt she needed to further her
education and that acting could distract her, but her father said no that it won’t
disturb her from doing what she wanted to do.
She accepted and played a role in the
movie. And later, she started acting as other producers such as Ogogo started
inviting her into films;  Ogogo called her for the film; ‘Tolulope,’ Mama Rainbow
called her for ‘Alamu Seniyan,’ then she did ‘Omo Olorire,’ and that was the film
that shot her into limelight.
Sola lost her mother in 1983 and she recounted the experience to be a heartbreaking one.
She also revealed she spent 5years at home before gaining admission to university;
What would you consider the most trying period for your life?

My staying at home for five years before gaining admission to go
to the university. Though I was going through a certificate course, it
was not like the real university thing. Then I was being distracted by
movies jobs. Sometimes, procrastination in terms of obtaining forms made
me miss so many opportunities. Before my four year degree programme I
did a two year diploma course. That experience hurt me.



Her first major role was in the movie, titled “Oko Irese” (2000). Some
of her other movies are Omo Bishop, Eje Adegbenro, Onitemi, Ina Fitila
and Wura Ati Fadaka, Alamu Seniyan, Omo Olorire.

Sola became more popular and versatile in the movie industry after making movies of her own, the likes of; Shindara.

Speaking on her career, she mentioned a experiences she had as a celeb, according to her one of the crazy moments is that; people feel that you she is rich,
that she has enough money.
“There was a day I was going home, I think I had
about N5,000 in my purse and some area boys stopped my car and demanded for
money, I gave them N2,000, yet they were not satisfied. I was thinking that
what kind of nonsense is this ‘all I got in my purse was N5,000 and these
people are not satisfied with what I gave them, do you expect me to give you
everything.’ They feel you must always drop anytime you see them.”
She says.

How does it feel to be a daughter of a major stakeholder
in the movie industry as an actress, to what extent has his influence helped
I fell good being his daughter, it has helped me in a lot of
ways, no doubt about that, but it has some disadvantages, people feel that you
are rich, that you are a daughter of Prince Jide Kosoko, you should be rich. I
remember, when I was doing diploma at the Olabisi Onabanjo
University, somebody was
saying, ‘you are a daughter of Jide Kosoko and you don’t have a car, why would
you not have a car.’ Infact, I was so embarrassed the way she said it because a
lot of people were there, it was so painful. All the same, the advantages are
more than the disadvantages.
What would you say you have learnt from your father in
the industry

I have learnt a lot, he is my number one mentor, I write
script and if I were not his daughter, I don’t think I would dream of doing
that, I didn’t study theatre arts, my younger sister did, I read sociology, but
I can pick up my pen and start writing. When we were growing, we always talked
about productions, even as a child. So, I know a lot about production through
him. When we were young, we used to go to locations with them, we know all the
slangs, some of these a lay man does not know, but we grew up with that. It is
not something they would start teaching me on set, there is no location I go
that I would not add my own contribution to whatever they are doing. If it is
the script that needs adjustment, I will definitely do so.

Sola kosoko is a married woman, she got married in 2012 to her very longtime boyfriend. She is also a mother of two as 2016.
She got married to her lover Abiodun Abinna at a private ceremony which took place at solitude Hotel,Jibowu ,Lagos .
news of the wedding didn’t create a buzz unlike the other showbiz
weddings that have held in recent times but the reason isn’t far
fetched.This is because the talented thespian is one actress who loves
to keep her private affairs close to her chest.
The ceremony had a lot of personalities in attendance .
It was well organized and guests were feted to lavish entertainment.

How has marriage affected your career?
Marriage has not really
changed much about me, aside the fact that it reduces one’s movement.
Before marriage, you are free to stay out, achieving stuffs or catching
fun but now one has to be conscious of the fact that you are no longer

How did you meet your husband and how did the
relationship start

Well, I met him many years back, I went visiting a friend,
which was where we met, we were friends for about five or six years before we
started dating. Then, people thought we were dating, but we both knew that
nothing was happening, we didn’t start dating until I gained admission into the
university. I even told him that if he wanted to date me, he had to help me
with admission into the university, which was how we started.

Do you still play romance role now that you are married

Every actor/ actress must be versatile, but we have to put
our culture into consideration atimes.



Won several awards, includes; The Best of Nollywood (BON) Awards 2011, 2012 and 2013.
With many more awards.

Sola is not much of a controversial actress

sola kosoko, husband and father
Sola husband and father
Sola welcomes baby girl


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