“I hope you are not lying to me?” i asked, releasing my hold on her
neck. She drew back and stared at me with fear.
“i have no need to lie to you. What do i have to gain with it?” she
answered nervously,
“what do you mean she travelled to S.A. Why?, for what reason?” i asked
with despair.
“To get away from you of course. You made her life a living hell. She
ran away in order to have peace of mind. You can now enjoy your life Mr
Ken. Thank you for hurting a harmless woman” she fired with tears. I
breathed deeply, not knowing what to do.
I wasn’t in control of myself, neither was i in control of my mind.
Supposing she was hiding anywhere in the country, things would have been
a lot more easier for me. I would have done everything possible to find
her, but unfortunately she was nowhere near the country. She travelled
all the way to S.A, just to keep her distance from me.
“Dear God you know i can’t travel to S.A, you got to help me” I prayed
as i left the apartment downcast and greatly worried.

I headed to my house thereafter, had a quick meal, freshened up and
headed to work with a very confused mind.
By 12:20pm Chioma walked into my office with her normal smile, but it
instantly faded as soon as she saw my face.
“what’s up?. You look worried” she asked curiously.
“can you book another appointment with your pastor. The one we met the
other day. I think we will be needing more prayers” i said to Chioma who
stared at me with surprise and shock.
“c’mon what’s happening. This isn’t you” she asked. I simply shrugged
and kept quiet, leaving her with no choice than to nod in agreement.
“very well then. I’ll call him later in the day. Perhaps by tomorrow we
will head over to his church” she said slowly, her eyes still on me in a
curious manner.
I desperately needed to see the pastor. I needed his prayers and perhaps
a new revelation. Something that could at least reduce the tension in

I never used to be religious but somehow my problems and fears were
gradually pushing me towards God with great speed.
By 2pm the next day, Chioma and i left the office to see the pastor. He
received us happily and after a little prayer asked Chioma to leave us
“your fiancée told me you were desperate to see me. I hope all is well?,
my spirit tells me you have a secret to share, so spit it out” he urged
with a smile. I breathed deeply, hesitated for a while before pouring
out Mary’s story to him including the horrible nightmares i was having.
“seriously things got worst, most especially my conscience after the
little session we had with you the other day.

Since Mary is now beyond
my reach can’t i just be happy and forget the past?” i concluded
“God is all knowing. He never allows us to hurt anyone because we are
all equal in his eyes. We are all his children. He has a reason for
wanting you to make peace with the people you wronged. I insist you
follow it up no matter the price. As for me, be rest assured i’ll
continue praying for you” the pastor said slowly, killing my hopes.
I had expected some sort of good news or another easy solution, but
unfortunately he ended up saying the same thing he said the last time.
“no i can’t just start running around S.A in search of Mary. I guess i
have to simply forge ahead and forget the past. Who knows if this pastor
is even real” i said to myself with a faint heart.
I was far from being happy. I equally wasn’t ready to abandon my
responsibilities and head to S.A.
Whoever does that??

I thanked the pastor and left with Chioma who as usual, was very curious
to know what we discussed but i refused telling her, keeping everything
to myself.
Friday slowly approached and we both travelled to our different homes in
preparation for the marriage talks. My parents were very delighted to
see me and equally were my relatives who were briefed on my reason for
coming home.

Saturday evening, my parents and i with some relatives headed to
Chioma’s house for the first stage of marriage talks.
I was happy, excited and nervous. I prayed for everything to go as
planned. I prayed for the evil wind of misfortune to stay away.
Just like i hoped, the event went very smoothly. Chioma’s family
welcomed us very well and we on our own part presented all the things we
brought and made our intentions known to them.
It was a very smooth process, we had no arguments nor rejections. In an
hour we were done, promising to return on december for the concluding
part of the ceremony.
Chioma finally was my bethrothed in everyones eyes. The main brideprice
and other necessary things required to make her my life partner and wife
were scheduled to be presented on december.

So far things were going very fine, nobody fell sick nor died. I thanked
God happily.
I saw no need seeking out Mary,
“Perhaps the pastor was very wrong after all. God is very merciful and
wouldn’t allow anything bad to happen” I reasoned.
I travelled back to the city on Sunday morning while Chioma returned
later in the day, first stopping at my apartment.
“you did great my love. I had to stop at your place before heading to
mine just to tell you how happy and proud i am” she said softly as we
“i can’t wait to make you my wife. I love you with everything i got” i
murmured, kissed and carried her on my arms.
“i hope you aren’t planning of taking me to your bedroom to make love
just like the last time?. I haven’t got the strength” she warned me
playfully. I dropped her down and smiled,
“silly girl” i breathed as we looked at each other with love.
The next day however brought a very shocking package to me. Chioma came
into my office demanding to know what i was holding back from her. I
wasn’t only surprised but shocked.
“my dear i don’t know what you are talking about” i insisted for the
fifth time,
“why are you making things very difficult?, I called the pastor this
morning to brief him on how far we have gotten in respect to our
marriage but he ended up asking me to speak to you.

What’s it all
about?” she asked forcing me to swallow hard.
“my love i don’t want you to get mad or scared, I believe the pastor is a
bit confused. He feels i should get Mary’s blessing before marrying
you, which i sort of mentioned the other day to you, but what i failed
to tell you was that he feels something terrible might happen if i fail
to do so. It might be to you or to me, he believes a strange kind of
spirit is fighting for Mary, which i very much doubt” i opened up
Chioma shook with fright, her eyes dimmed slowly. I quickly got up and
hugged her. “my love” i whispered, “noooooo it can’t be” she cried.
“my love let it not bother you. I got things under control, there is
still enough time to fix things with Mary” i begged,
“oh no but at least you could have carried me along. What got into you
that made you keep such crucial facts from me. Don’t you trust me?.
Please if there is anything else better spit it out” Chioma cried.
I had a hard time calming her down. I was forced to start from the
beginning, telling her everything that was in my mind. I kept nothing
away. Together we discussed in my office till the end of working hours.
“you know we have to keep our marriage plans pending until we totally
finish settling with Mary.

Who knows when she’s returning to the
country” she murmured, breathing deeply with fatigue as i drove her home
later in the day.
“I can’t let you travel to S.A searching for her. She can’t leave her
teaching job for long, she probably will return before the end of
November” she added sadly.
When we got to her apartment, I stayed behind, keeping her company until
she was done with Dinner which we ate together, before heading to my
I wanted her to spend the night with me, which was the reason i stayed
behind to get her. I couldn’t risk letting her spend the night alone
which could give her more opportunity to worry about the problems i
dragged her into. I felt by the next day the tension in her would reduce
to an acceptable level.

We had a very wonderful night at my place. I took time making love to
her. I fondled her bosoms until they grew hot with fire, kissed her
pretty lips until she trembled with passion. She moaned and sang with
pleasure, together we rode to extreme fulfillness.
“you are one hell of a guy. You are flawless” she said sweetly as we
broke away from each other.
“Your only mistake was taking advantage of Mary, someone you had no
single feelings for” she murmured dreamily, closing her eyes as we fell
apart, tired and exhausted.
“i pray she returns on time” she added seriously.
Unfortunately we were very unlucky.

A month slowly crept by but Mary
never returned, getting us extremely worried.
Mary’s sister equally made things harder for me. She refused disclosing
any information, which slowly brought doubts into my heart.
I began doubting if Mary actually left the country or simply changed her
phone lines and moved over to another city. what do you think?


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