I dialled Jboy’s phone number and waited for him to pick up my call. “my
guy!” i soon heard his voice scream over the phone. I smiled and
breathed deeply. “we need to see this evening, should i come over to
your house?” i asked, “sure just come. I will be waiting” he answered
before cracking a silly joke. I laughed and hung up. A sharp knock on my
door quickly brought back my attention. I rose from the chair, went and
opened the door. It was no other person than Mary.
I wasn’t happy seeing her but i managed out a smile. “my love you really
don’t try in calling or checking up on me. You hardly call nor show
care” she complained as she walked into the sitting room. I kept quiet,
saying nothing as i returned to the chair i was sitting before she
knocked. “well i came to check if you need any help. Maybe with your
laundry or food” she said inquisitively, sat on my laps and stared into
my eyes. “no thanks dear, i don’t need any help for the moment” i
murmured. She quickly frowned, and brought her face close to mine. “you
are not happy that i came” she asked sadly.

I forced out another smile while i rubbed her back with my right palm.
“of course i’m” i smiled, “so when are you actually seeing our pastor?”
she asked, but before i could say anything my phone rang, drawing our
attention to it. I was extremely surprised to see that the call was
coming from Chioma. I couldn’t believe my eyes. “hello” i greeted with
excitement, “you know we really have to straighten things out?” she said
slowly, “so where are you?. I hope you are at home because i’m about
three minutes away from your house. I just don’t know what is pushing me
to do this” she softly said and hung up as if she wasn’t sure of what
she was doing, equally giving me no chance to say anything. 

My face quickly coloured as i slowly withdrew the phone from my ear. I
was a bit lost or should i say indecisive. I even failed to notice that
Mary’s curious eyes were on me until she coughed. “what’s the problem?”
she asked curiously. I stared at her not knowing what to say. A part of
me was still angry with Chioma over what she did the previous day while
the greater part of me was excited that she was finally about giving me a
listening ear. I really was in love with her and knowing that she was
on her way to my apartment was too much a surprise to bear.
Then i remembered she was just four minutes away and Mary was still with
me. “talk to me nau, what’s the problem?, who called?” i heard Mary ask

a colleague just called, demanding for a file i forgot at the office. I
have to go get it quickly” I lied to her. She slowly got up from my body
without saying anything else. “You can wait for me here” i smiled, got
up from the chair and rushed to my room where i quickly dressed and
hurried out of my apartment without saying anything else to an obviously
stunned Mary. 

My intention was really to run into Chioma at the gate and it happened
just as i expected. As i headed out from my apartment and rushed towards
my car, i ran into chioma on the way. She stopped with a smile. “are
you going out?” she asked curiously, “yes i have an appointment with my
mechanic, i’m almost late” i replied seriously. She couldn’t believe her
“but i told you that i was coming for a talk, or is your mechanic now
more important to you?” she asked with disbelief. “hmmm i can’t believe
this question is coming from the person who kicked me out yesterday” i
grinned. “and what’s that supposed to mean?” she asked with a raised
tone. “if you are serious about this talk, then follow me to the car” i
commanded and left. She hesitated for a moment before coming after me. 

Together we headed out of the compound in my car. She never noticed how
relieved and happy i was that she fell for my trick.
I stopped at the mechanic’s shop which was just a pole away from where i
lived, bought a galon of engine oil plus a tin of oil treatment,
returned to the car with my purchases, switched on the engine and drove
towards a cute restaurant nearby. “you didn’t see the mechanic or what?”
she asked suspiciously, “yeah” i murmured without any further
explanation until we got to my destination. I stopped the car, licked my
lips and smiled at her. “we can go inside and discuss as much as you
want” i winked, opened the car door and alighted. She hissed, alighted
and followed me. 

We really had a very serious discussion inside the restaurant. She
demanded to know everything and i as forced to open up to her, finally
hiding nothing. The shock on her face was quite alarming as i narrated
everything. She trembled and coloured up as she listened. “oh goodness
me, i’m shocked as hell. What guarrantee do i have that you won’t do the
same to me. Oh how wicked can you be?, the poor girl is definetly
hurting and to think that you are back with her just to hurt her more is
so disgusting. No i can’t take this shit” she cried and ran out on me
after my story.
I watched her leave without going after her. She wanted the truth and i
told her, which truly left me with a satisfying inner peace. However i
felt she was gone for real. 

I quietly finished my drink, left the restaurant and headed to my
apartment where Mary was waiting for me. The last thing i wanted was
allowing her spend the night with me. Her face wasn’t bright when i
returned. She frowned expecting me to apologize to her, but
unfortunately i wasn’t in a good mood. All i wanted was to rest. “the
way you are treating me isn’t right at all. You are behaving as if i’m
forcing myself on you” she complained as if she didn’t know the obvious,
but before i could answer, my phone rang. It was Jboy calling. “o boy!,
i thought you told me you were coming?. Wetin come happen?” he asked,
“guy time still dey nau, haba. I’m coming” i answered, “abeg show for
gate. I’m at the front of your house, waiting in my car. Hurry i don’t
have all the time in the world” he commanded and hung up. I smiled and
drew close to Mary. “we have a lot to discuss but it will be tomorrow.
I’ll come to your house by 3pm. I’m about going somewhere with Jboy, but
you should come along. I’ll beg him to drop you at your house” i
seriously said to her. 
She simply shrugged without another word, went to
my bedroom, brushed up herself and came out to the sitting room three
minutes later.
Together we headed out of my apartment to meet Jboy who was extremely
surprised to see her. “hmmm who am i seeing?” he laughed politely,
eyeing Mary as we entered his car. Suddenly from nowhere a black Sienna
car stopped in front of us. Three guys jumped out in a commando style
with Ak47 rifles. “Jesus” Mary screamed in panic, “get out from the car.
Fast fast” they screamed at us, cocking their guns in the process.. 

Mary and i quickly obeyed and jumped out of the vehicle, but Jboy wasn’t
so lucky. As he nervously made to unfasten his seat belt one of the
bandits misunderstood his intention and fired two rounds of fire- power
on him without warning. He instantly went unconscious. I couldn’t
believe it was real.
“hey wetin?” one of the bandits shouted at the guy who shot Jboy, while i
shivered as i looked on speechlessly. I really was scared they were
equally going to shoot Mary and I because the shots fired on Jboy was
very surprising to me, but as i watched the other two bandits, it seemed
they were equally as surprised as i was. It clearly showed in their

Of course they had their faces covered but their body
language displayed their confusion. Mary and i simply stood not knowing
what to do.
The guy who fired the shots made to drag Jboy’s body out of the vehicle
but his colleague who asked the first question stopped him. “you don
mess up the car already, make we shift jor. Time no dey” he commanded,
turned and jumped into the sienna car they came with. The two other
bandits joined him without uttering a word and they instantly zoomed
off, disappearing and leaving us all alone with my lifeless friend. 

I quickly rushed to check on him but unfortunately he was as unconscious
as a dead lizard, while blood gushed out from his chest. It was a
terrible scene to behold. Some good samaritans quickly came forward and
helped us in taking him to a private hospital nearby. Unfortunately the
nurses on duty confirmed him dead, but i chose not to believe them until
the doctor showed up few minutes later and confirmed the news to us. 

I couldn’t believe Jboy was gone for real. The only friend i had, gone
so suddenly. I never believed life could be so short and surprising. I
never believed a strong man like him can just so suddenly disappear. I
cried ceaselessly. “where do i go from here?” i wondered, feeling very
bitter and responsible over the whole event. “only if he had waited for
me at his house” i reasoned.
“how do i continue living without him?, how do i face his family. 

did he just go so suddenly, without living anything behind? Not even a
child or at least a wife” i reasoned with tears. I sat down in front of
the hospital reception and went through my life. I wasn’t any better
than him but he was taken away while my life was spared. Why why why? 


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