I was in my sitting room eating banana and groundnut with my eyes on the
television set when my door bell rang, notifying me of Anita’s
presence.I glanced at the wall clock, smiled and headed to the door
which i quickly opened. “wow look at you?. Good evening” she greeted
sweetly, came forward and hugged me. Her succulent bosoms crushed on my
chest instantly arousing my sexual urge.
“i really missed you. Just look at how good and beautiful you smell” I
whispered softly, laughed and let her into my apartment. She quickly sat
on the chair i just vacated, dropped her handbag and began eating the
remaining banana i left behind. “hmmm yummy” she nodded carefreely while
i laughed.

 She just was the perfect company i needed, so carefree, sexy
and naughty.
Staring at her with a smile i couldn’t help but think of sex. She was
extremely attractive with her provocative attire. A pink singlet which
showcased her front mechandize and blue jacket which hid her shoulders,
plus a very tight fitting trouser which displayed her as.s like a
showcase. “yea she definitely is pretty. But who knows the number of
guys in her list. Perhaps i’m number five” i reasoned with good humour.
“so you just gonna stand there and keep smiling cluelessly huh. So you
won’t be taking me out?” she asked playfully. I drew close and sat by
her side. “no i just want to be alone with you. Hope i’m not being
selfish?” i asked with a quiet smile. She shrugged and rolled her eyes.
“i have a good soup in the kitchen. I hope you won’t mind getting it
ready?” i slowly asked. She hissed with a frown, stood up, pulled up her
trouser from behind and eyed me once again. “you too dey dull person.
Must i serve you all the time?. Abeg make we go kitchen jor” she said
with her usual half serious, half playful voice. I stood up, cracked a
silly joke and dragged her to the kitchen.
We had a very quite meal together. Though I did most of the talking
while she listened, smiled and contributed little.

An hour later, i took
a quick bath before she took a long one. She finally came out from the
bathroom unclad to join me in the bedroom where i was waiting for her
wearing only my knicker. “so how do you want this night to be?” she
asked as she stood facing me, rubbing a sweet smelling cream over her
body. I swallowed hard, flung away my knicker and stared at her
hungrily. She really knew how to make my spirit very high. “so how about
the phone you promised me?” she suddenly asked, slightly killing my
spirit with the question. I thought fast and scratched my head, while
she quickly joined me on the bed, grabbed my joystick, tapped its tip
twice before wrapping her warm mouth over it. I instantly saw myself in
paradise. “your visit was a bit unexpected but i’ll will give you the
money first thing tomorrow” i managed to say with eyes closed.
She quickly turned, slowly sat on my chest, Her mouth still on me
sending me into the deepest ocean of pleasure. Oh the pretty hot damsel
was nothing but an original sex machine, too hot to be anyone’s
girlfriend or wife. At least until she gets to Mary’s age and becomes a
born-again christian.
Oh it was such a wonderful moment. I forgot about Mary and my problems,
forget about Chioma and my pains as i lashed Anita with all my might.

did two rounds before we fell on the bed breathing heavily, “i hope i
tried?” i asked as i stared into her eyes.
“yes. You made my day and it has been quite a while” she smiled with
satisfaction. “i like you very much, that’s why i keep coming back after
your many promises and disappointments. Perhaps because you are my
type. So young and employed already” she added softly. I closed my eyes
and said nothing.
I really didn’t know what to say moreover i equally remembered the new
phone she was demanding and i truly wasn’t capable of affording her
choice of phone that very moment due to my numerous problems. I knew she
was looking forward to it and i couldn’t help but wonder the type of
excuse i will give her this time around. Very early in the morning,
Anita dressed up and prepared to leave. I smiled as i watched her dress.
“won’t you spend the weekend with me?” i asked casually. She smiled and
shook her head. “no dear, I planned spending the weekend at home with
my parents. I’m actually heading home from here” she replied.
“ok, it’s cool” i murmured, fetched seven thousand naira from my wallet
and gave to her. She hopefully took the money, quickly counted it and
stared at me curiously. “how about the phone you promised to get me.

know i’m really in need of it. This isn’t fair” she asked without even
thanking me for the money i gave her. “but you already have two
expensive phones which are still in good condition. I will get you a
phone but not today. You won’t believe all i have been through for the
past few days. I currently have a lot on my shoulders right now” i
replied calmly.
“this is just your way. Uncaring and wicked. I’m leaving, don’t bother
seeing me off” she hissed and left while i smiled to myself. Her
insolent behaviour wasn’t a new thing to me so it never bothered me.
Moreover I knew she would be back someday. But truly i was tired of the
whole damn game. I badly needed to settle down with a family of my own.
The fun i used to see in flirting wasn’t there anymore and as a man i
got to save and do something useful with my money.
Later in the morning, I cleaned up my bedroom which Anita was too big to
clean before settling down in my sitting room where i busied myself
watching one T.v programme to another and equally thinking of the right
way to start my second and final assault on Mary.

I was tired of seeing
the old lady, tired of pretending to be in love and tired of the
situation i found myself in. It was time to steal the test results, i
just couldn’t afford to continue waiting. “but stealing the papers are
one thing and ending the relationship another, How do i end the
relationship without making it look obvious that i had everything
planned?” i wondered. “of course i have to draw out another plan,
something like introducing a non existent man into the scene. I can
arrange someone to make threatening phone-calls to me whenever Mary is
around. The man can claim to be her fiancee or ex-boyfriend” i
thoughtful reasoned with a smile, thinking deep again. “but no i will
have to arrange that maybe three days after her apartment has been
searched and the papers gotten. Then with the tension of the robbery and
sudden phone calls from her alleged fiancee, i will cleverly link the
two events together and play the victim game with her. Then after i will
arrange for the same guys who stole the papers to come over to my
apartment and beat me up. That will be the end of my relationship with
Mary” i summarized with a smile, even though i equally realised that the
whole set up could cost me all my savings.

I quickly went through the newly thought out plan over and over again,
searching for flaws. Seriously the sex i had with Anita really calmed my
mind and made my brain sharp and working. “who says sex isn’t good for
the body?” i smiled as i picked up my phone to call and brief Jboy


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