Singer SINACH Full Biography,Life And News

FULL NAME:             Osinachi Kalu

DATE OF BIRTH:       March, 30 [year:unknown]

OCCUPATION:           Singer: Gospel










Sinach, an award winning songwriter, worship leader
and recording artist is a key member of the LoveWorld music team of
Christ Embassy who started singing at a very young age. She is one of the most famous singers in Nigeria today with her hit gospel albums and hit singles.



Osinachi Kalu, popularly known as Sinach, is a Nigerian who hails from Ebonyi
state. She comes from a family of seven where she is the second
daughter. She studied physics at the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers
state. Her mentor is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy.

In a post on instagram she revealed about her past:
“I had a dream as a little girl that one day I will change people’s
lives. I would have dreams of singing to many people from different
nations and tongues but when I opened my eyes I was right there still on
my bed waking up to the sound of my father’s early morning BBC radio
news to start my seemingly uninteresting chores before school.

It was just a dream. As the years went by, my parents insisted that I
train my mind .Then I met Jesus and he changed my purpose and changed
my reason for singing. Challenges along the way built my character. Like
a clay,I’ve been beaten, poured upon, torn apart, rolled over, put into
the fire, and continuously moulded into shape in the process of making

According to her music was her dream. Her father objected to her musical career. He told her she
would go hungry as a musician, that musicians amount to nothing. It was
when she met Pastor Chris that he changed herperspective. He told me her she
could be anything she want to be in life with God’s word.

is a spiritually gifted woman in terms of gospel music. She has given
hope to the hopeless all over the world through her inspiring songs. She
is a multiple award-winning song writer, recording artiste, producer
and worship song leader.

This talented singer is a key member of
Love World music team of Christ Embassy and she started singing at a
young age despite loads of criticisms from her father. She knew that
gospel music is not for commercial purposes but to help promote the
gospel of Christ and lift up the spirit of the hopeless.

This great star believes that in the coming years, her songs would bring
good news to much more people and influence the whole nation as well as
the world. She also believes that with her songs, generations to come
would have godly music and lyrics to listen, sing and dance to, instead
of listening to negative music that don’t add anything meaningful.
Sinach is not only a star to the world but also to God. Her songs bring
joy to many and tell of the importance of serving God and living a life
of holiness. According to her, she has been born again for more than 20
years and she sang a song on being born-again in order to inspire people
and tell them of its importance.




For over fifteen years Sinach has been privileged to witness, first hand, the outpouring of the
Holy Spirit and amazing miracles take place in the lives of people
while ministering in music, as her mentor Pastor Chris ministered in the
Healing School, several crusades, and conventions all over the world.
As a song writer who has
written over 200 songs and won several awards, Sinach believes in
writing from her heart and knowing what the Spirit of God is saying to
the Church. Mostly inspired by the ministry of the Word by her Pastor,
she has written songs such as Awesome God, Simply Devoted, I am ready
for Your Spirit, Shout of the King, All things are possible, Born to
win, Fire in me, More of You, No failure with God, ‘This is your
Season’, which won the Song of the Year award in 2008 and still
She has won several awards
through the years and among them, the prestigious LoveWorld Awards for
‘Song Writer and Vocalist of the year’. She has also won awards for her
work in providing praise and worship music material for the church in
2007, 2008 and 2009. Many of her songs are sung by several churches and
people all over the world.
As a gifted vocalist and a worship leader, Sinach, with the LoveWorld Music team, has ministered to
millions of people all over the world in mega programs such as Night of
Bliss with Pastor Chris, Word at Work conventions with Pastor Chris,
Youth Conferences with Pastor Chris, The Higher Life Conference, The
Christ Embassy Healing School and many other programs by Pastor Chris
with record attendance of over three million people.
She has also ministered to
millions around the world on LoveWorld Sat, LoveWorld Plus, LoveWorld
Television and other major television networks all over the world on the
program Atmosphere for Miracles with Pastor Chris.
Sinach is fuelled by her
passion to see people all over the world inspired to worship and praise
God through Spirit-born music and lyrics and to see the name of God
lifted up through her music. She has a passion for the glory of God!
This reflects in her writings and productions, delivered under the
anointing of the Holy Spirit.
Sinach shone as a star early this year when she added to her list of
awards, an award from the Nigerian Complete and Pure Gospel Music Awards
[NIPUGA]. She was crowned Nigeria Best Gospel artiste for 2012/2013.
She is popularly known for the song “Awesome God” which elevated her in
the sight of many to the status of a true Nigerian Star.

As an international worship leader serving in Christ Embassy Church,
Sinach has been privileged to witness first-hand the outpouring of the
Holy spirit and amazing miracles take place in the lives of people at
the Healing school, crusades and conventions all over the world with her
Pastor, Rev Chris Oyakhilome where she has led millions of people in
praise and worship, inspiring music ministrations in; Africa, North
America, United States of America, United Kingdom and many more.
She organizes the “SINACH LIVE IN CONCERT”, a series of worship
concerts which has taken place in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa,
Zimbabwe, Cameroon, USA, and in different parts of the world with her

Sinach is greatly motivated with the desire to see her songs,
writings and concerts inspire the church and the whole world to worship
God and be lifted, healed and for her listeners to be filled with the
Glory of God through her music.

Sinach Baby and husband

sinach baby photo

She got married to her husband Joseph Egbu who is a pastor in the believers love world ministries in 2014.

 When she was asked how does she handle critics in an interview:

“Criticism comes with success. If you
are not doing something big, nobody will criticize you. It is a sign
that you are making an impact and that you are influencing lives. I do
not dwell on negative criticism. However, it is important that I listen
to constructive criticism from someone who knows what it takes to
succeed in life. I am so blessed to be surrounded with valuable and
godly mentors who continuously offer positive and constructive
criticisms and I listen to them.”



Has won several awards few which includes:

Best Gospel artiste at  the NIPUGA awards 2012/2013
Many Africa Gospel Music Awards(AGMA)




She was rumored to have been romantically involved with pastor Chris in 2014 cause of Pastor Chris’s collapsed marriage in  2014 the rumors spread a lot like wildfire on the internet in 2014 there was no real confirmation of the rumor.