7 Nigerian Tv Series You Should Definitely Start Watching.

You ‘ve been watching all those american tv shows unh? Maybe its time you take a look at our own Nigerian TV shows here.. T.I.N Magazine is suggestng you these amazing Nigerian TV series you should definnitely start watching now, you might just be surprised by the amazing storyline and concept.

You can find some on YouTube and others on IROKOTV and many of them on their airing TV Stations.
So relax and glance through.

1]  Shuga


Shuga is a hard-hitting three-part drama series that
follows the lives and loves of a group of cool young students whose
bright lives and fabulous futures are balanced on a knife-edge due to
their love of risk and danger. It is a story of love, sex, Friday
nights and the indelible marks we leave on one another. ↵↵Shuga tells
the story of Ayira, a modern girl who knows exactly what she wants and
what she has to do in order to get it; but will her passion for an older
man come at the expense of long term soul mate Ty? ↵↵Running parallel
is the Romeo and Juliet style love story of Virginia and Leo – while the
two are destined to be together, will they be able to get past the
obstacles that stand in their way? 

2]  Jenifa’s Diary


Suliat, a razz village hairdresser heads to the city to try and gain
admittance into university, after feigning sickness to con money out of
an admirer.

3]  Desperate Housegirls

The Elliot family change house girls on a weekly basis, Femi and Ada, a
happily married couple have what appears to be the perfect housegirl
until she becomes very close to the oga of the house, while Rebecca, a
single mother’s housegirl becomes her family.

4] Five Brides

The lives of five married couples ranging from newly
wed to decades involved are marred by incest, lies, betrayal and
deception. They each battle within their own personal journeys to keep
their marriages afloat. 

5]  My Big Nigerian Wedding

The ‘My Big Nigerian Wedding’ Contest is a competition for engaged
couples wishing to get married in 2014. The winning couple stands the
chance to have their wedding reception sponsored to the tune of

6] Festac Town

The secret lives of the upper, middle, and lower class living in Festac. Their fears, tears, pains and victories.

7] Losing Control

An out of work squatter disguises herself as a man in
order to deceitfully gain employment, only to find herself entangled in
a web of unrequited love and murder. 


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