Top Ten Most Popular Sites In Nigeria 2015.

After a few weeks of research, T.I.N MAGAZINE Has come up with a list of the ten most popular Nigerian websites as of 2015.
NOTE: Our rating is not based on Alexa’s ranking in anyway because we are not rating this with the number of visits a site has but the popularity they have in the country, sites which people out there love and know very well.
In our research we asked a few hundreds of youths and adults before we came up with this  list.




Popularity Cause: Natural is the official website of the popular Nigerian news paper “THE PUNCH”. They update all news featured in the news paper on the website daily and in different categories.
In our research we discovered the website gained its popularity from its Newspaper  being Nigeria’s most read newspaper. Most people often search the name online to visit the main website for news.
We discovered is known by many youths who do not want to buy and read its news papers, mostly youths of the working class also known by a few students and adults. is concluded the 10th most popular site in Nigeria as of 2015.


Popularity Cause: Natural+Advertisements

Jobberman is the most popular job vacancy listing site in Nigeria, started in 2009. They help employers fill their vacancies quickly and cost-effectively by giving them access to the most relevant pool of qualified job-seekers and professionals.
In our research we discovered the website is naturally popular due to being the first of its kind in Nigeria and also popular due to the high seeking rate of jobs in Nigeria, the popularity is also gained by few a advertisements on TV, and online.
We discovered the site is  majorly known by youths, and a very large number of students and the working class but not known by Adults. is concluded the 9th most popular site in Nigeria 2015



Popularity Cause: Natural. is Nigeria’s number one gossip blog, which gets most of its visitors from the country. It focuses on celebrity gossip, politics, odd news and every other type of occurrence Linda thinks should make the news. Was started in 2007.
In our research Lindaikeji’s blog gained its popularity via being one of the first its kind in Nigeria and also by the personality of the owner.
We also noticed the blog url is not very well known by its visitors but the names “Lindaikeji blog” is well known.
Also popular for breaking many entertainment gists “gossips”.
We discovered the site is known by many youths mostly students and the working class and a few adults and all mostly females. is concluded the 8th most popular site in Nigeria as of 2015



Popularity Cause: Natural

Formerly still known by many as that, is an online portal that delivers Nigerian Music, Video, News and Technology Content on a daily Basis to Nigerians Home and Abroad. Was started in 2009.
In our research the website has gained its popularity with tech tutorials and Nigerian music and music videos download, also known for all round entertainment gists.
We discovered the site is known by a very large number of students, also known by many working class all mostly males, And known by a very low number of adults. is concluded the 7th most popular site in Nigeria.



Popularity Cause: Advertisements

OLX is the leading consumer to consumer (C2C) online marketplace in Nigeria where Individuals Buy,Sell, Rent or Find everything locally in all 36 states and the FCT, through Free Classifieds Advertisements of pre-owned Mobiles, Computers, Electronics, Furniture, Appliances, Cars, Bikes, Properties, Apartments, Jobs and much more.
The site got its popularity based on the kind of service it offers in which  only a few other sites does that and mostly the popularity came via many adverts on different platforms, Radio,TV,Billboards,Online and more…
OLX is now where most Nigerians believe they can buy and sell.
We discovered the website is known by many youths mostly students, and many youths in the working class level and a few adults.
And is here by concluded the 6th most popular site in Nigeria as of 2015
5] NAIRALAND.COM                          

Popularity Cause: Natural is a big, broad discussion forum for Nigerians, was started in 2005. Covers dozens of topics including politics, romance, technology, careers, business, and entertainment. With over a million members, the number one Nigerian community online continues to grow.

In our research the popular forum has gained its popularity lets say by age?search visits? or its many popular topics? Ok. We believe the Forum gained it with the three,
What most people keeps talking about is Google/Nairaland they mention they are not visitors nor fans but Google search engine takes them to Nairaland whenever they search for their wishes many said they got to know Nairaland that way. And also we noticed Nairaland topics are quite much for visitors to explore. Well, Alexa once rated it the most visited African website and Nigerian website for quite  a longtime before it was stripped off its position in 2015. Many also talked about knowing the site a longtime ago; knew it for Jobs search,And also Nigerian news. In addition many claim they’ve heard of it or seen something like it online.
We discovered the site is known by many youths majorly the working class, Also many students and Many Adults. is concluded the 5th most popular site in Nigeria as of 2015.



Popularity Cause: Natural+Advertisements is number one sport betting website not only in Nigeria but the whole of Africa started in 2009. spends more in advertising from online, radio, to TV (even sponsored 2014 FIFA world cup on DSTV), brand ambassador, Akin Alabi is a lucrative marketer.
In our research we noticed the site’s popularity was gained because of the type of platform it is, and also being the first of its kind in Nigeria. Like we mentioned earlier Advertising is actually its major source popularity even though the platform would have gone wild without much advertisements.
And even many calls the name of the website in replacement for other Nigerian betting sites.
We discovered the site known by many youths majorly: student,the working class, and a few adults. We also noticed the site is known by many non internet users.
Nairabet is hereby concluded the 4th most popular sites in Nigeria as of 2015. 



Popularity Cause: Advertisements calls itself “Nigeria’s number one news site”.  Started in the 2010.
The Nigerian portal provides news coverage, a lot more about music, weather, jokes, job, games, events and lots more…
In our research we noticed is indeed Nigeria’s most popular news website as it almost known by every Nigerian using the internet. the reason for the fame is Naij  which started as curator getting news from authoritative sources and posting it on the website offers a lot of services, and even we believe by now offers the highest online services in Nigeria. Cuts across sections like:,, more… And a lot of mobile services with In addition’s many adverts is always all over the internet since starting the platform in which only a few internet users wouldn’t have seen these adverts before before.
We discovered the site is known by many youths mostly students, the working class, and many adults too. is concluded the 3rd most popular site in Nigeria and Most popular news site in Nigeria as of 2015.


Popularity Cause: Advertisements is Nigeria’s Largest Online Mall, was started in 2012. With over 100,000 products at great prices, exceptional customer experience and Nationwide delivery, and most recently adopting a marketplace business model, is revolutionizing the way Nigerians buy and sell.
In our research  we noticed the store gained this spot because of the type of brand it is and being the first retail store in Nigeria and because of the billboard,radio,tv and  online adverts the website is quite known by almost everyone who uses the internet.
We discovered the site is known by many more youths mostly student,the working class and a lot of adults. is concluded 2nd most popular site in Nigeria in 2015.



Popularity  Cause: Advertisements

This site is also another popular Nigerian online retail store started in 2012. It features products like electronics, books, beauty products,more..  
In our  research we actually noticed the online store has become famous than its visits. Due to the too much adverts and the purpose it serves. 
And if you have not seen its advert on TV, you’ll hear it on radio and if neither of the two you will surely see it on billboards and if not that too you must definitely see the too many adverts online. 
 We discovered the site is known by a large number of youths, Students,Working class and also known by many Adults too.
JUMIA.COM.NG is hereby concluded Nigeria’s most popular site in 2015. 

 NOTE: This is list is judge based on no one’s opinion and it is not judge based on Alexa ranking it is a result of a research carried out by T.I.N MAGAZINE to know the most popular websites of the year.


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