Tips: Checkout 5 Worst Foods To Eat Before Sex (must see)

In the spirit of Valentine we’ve decided to share with you some interesting but serious tips on your food and sex life.
Let’s say a week ago, you met a really pretty lady, sexy and has
curves in all the right places. You want to treat this girl to a great
night out and so, you ask her out on a date. Apart from getting to know
what her favourite colour is or what books she could spend her whole
life reading and re-reading again, there’s this “devil” deep down in
your mind –really deep- who keeps on hoping that the night
progresses well and the both of you end up in bed together. Only,
there’s no devil. It’s just you and some pretty lady –or guy- in a  cool
place having dinner.

There are lots of foods on the menu that would be advisable to
overlook on this date, but I narrowed it down to five. So, here are five
foods to avoid ingesting if you plan on having really great sex with that gorgeous girl or boy tonight.


Beans have been known to cause gas and abdominal uneasiness. Gas may
be natural, but it’s not exactly ideal during sex. While beans are full
of protein and antioxidants, they, unfortunately, also power up
flatulence in many people. They contain large amounts of soluble fibre
and a natural sugar called raffinose, both of which trigger gas
production during digestion. This is also true for lentils. So, for a
non-gassy protein alternative, lean meats and fish also make for good
choices. In as much as beans may be your favourite food in the whole
wide world, it’ll be advisable to stay away from it, especially if
you’re intent on giving your partner “the best sex night in the history
of all his/her sex life”. Trust me, your partner will thank you!


Even if you aren’t prone to heartburn, you may want to skip the
garlic before sex. Garlic tends to produce strong odours in the body,
which may become especially pronounced as your body warms or sweats. It
can also make the smell and taste of semen less appealing, and the same
can be said for onions. Smells affect people differently, however. As
there are some people who find the aroma of garlic to be a turn-on. But
if you don’t want to risk it, stick to less pungent vegetables and
flavourings before intimacy. Season rice and fish with oregano and basil
instead of garlic, for example, and swap onions with celery.

Chewing gum

I know this isn’t a type of food,
but most guys (or girls) want their breath smelling fresh, because who
wouldn’t be turned off by bad breath? Whether you’re on a hot date, or
planning a cozy night in with your other half, you want to make sure
your breath smells fresh. But if you’re planning to take it to the
bedroom, chewing gum could be a big mistake. The act of chewing, without
swallowing, can lead to bloating as you swallow air. Also, your tummy
will think there is food coming and will release stomach enzymes used to
digest food, which can lead to gastric problems, and plenty of
wind. So, while your mouth will smell minty, you may be prone to
emitting other smells during the romp. Peppermint is also known to
repress testosterone, leading to a lower libido.

Ice cream

While some may consider ice cream an aphrodisiac, an overwhelming majority of the population suffers from lactose or casein intolerance, or incomplete digestion,
which means the “bad” bacteria in the gut reacts to the partially
digested proteins and sugars. This leads to malodorous gas that will
definitely leave your libido stuck in neutral.

Wine, Beer and Alcohol in general

If you’re planning a romantic evening, you might try to find on a good bottle of wine
with the hopes that it will make your lover (and you!) more
relaxed. Drinking wine in moderation might serve that purpose well, but
drinking too much can be problematic. Aside from the commonly discussed
results, such as not remembering one’s behaviour, or not being able to
sexually feel much (if anything), excessive alcohol consumption can
decrease women’s DHEA, which is related to sex drive. In men, it
decreases testosterone, which is the backbone of male sex drive, and can
make vasopressin plummet, meaning it might be difficult to achieve an
erection. Even touching your lover can lose its magic because alcohol
reduces oxytocin, so the sense of touch is not as sensitive.

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