Checkout Top 7 controversial celebrities of the year

Controversies are never far from celebrities as they always tend to get involved in one knowingly and sometimes unknowingly.

However, some celebrities just love to be in the news whether for the good reasons or for the bad maybe just for the fame or to remain relevant in the game.
We bring to you the 7 most controversial celebrities of 2017.

1. Daddy Freeze

He is an on-air-personality but trust he does more than talk on the radio. Daddy Freeze was one of the most controversial celebrities in the year 2017. He is known to be a very vocal social commentator but this year, he took it to the next level by calling out pastors who he called “Yahoo Pastors” and felt it was wrong for people to pay tithes to churches because according to him, it more like enriching these men of God and the followers getting poorer. It was such a major issue that some senior pastors in the country even had sermons in their churches where they spoke about Daddy Freeze.

2. Psquare

Without doubt Psquare, unfortunately, was the second biggest controversial celebrity in 2017. Over the last few years, they have been reports of a rift among the brothers which have made headlines.
2017 saw the group break the Internet with their fight which became a public display of division among a once most famous group in Africa.
From them throwing shades at each other to actually calling each other out on social media and videos, these guys became so controversial that people began to forget about their music. The worse part of it was there released a video of them almost fighting and calling each other names in their lawyer’s office which went viral. Since then they have unofficially gone their separate ways but their fight would remain the most controversial moment in 2017.

3. Davido

Davido started the year on a good note with the release of some of his hit singles, just when we all thought he was going to stay away from any controversy, on October 2017, the news broke of the death of three of his friends, TagboDJ Olu and Chike, within the space of one week.
He was at one point accused of knowing how Tagbo died by the actress, Caroline Danjuma. This became a very big news as everyone was talking about it. He was even invited by the police for questioning. It didn’t end there, Davido and Wizkid got into another fight in Dubai as their crew attacked each other after a music festival.

4. Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh can be said to be the most controversial actress in Nigeria at the moment. In 2017 she sure took her controversial character further with the fight between her and her estranged husband, Oladunni Churchill. These guys were on the front pages of every blog and tabloid making Tonto Dikeh one of the most controversial celebrity for the year 2017.
It was one day one drama as it was either she was releasing a long statement about how horrible her former marriage was or it was a video of her and Churchill fighting. It was a very big story for the year as she trended for weeks and months.

5. Burna Boy

We really hoped this year that Burna Boy wouldn’t make the list but here we are. The talented artist was having a quiet 2017 by his standards until the police investigated the Mr. 2Kay assault at Eko Hotel & Suites and found out that Burna Boy was allegedly involved. It was shocking, to say the least as all the details of the incident made people wonder why Burna Boy would do something like this. In 2018, we hope Burna Boy can actually stay out of trouble.

6. Eedris Abdulkareem

Let’s just say Eedris Abdulkareem spent 2017 being controversial than actually doing music. The veteran rapper was quick to call out different celebrities this year. It was more like one week, one celebrity being called out by Eedris. From Timaya to 2FaceMr Eazi, and a host of others, Eedris Abdulkareem was always at the centre of it all. He even went a step further when a video leaked of him insulting former President Olusegun Obasanjo while performing at a show outside the country.

7. Dammy Krane

2017 didn’t show us what Dammy Krane had to offer us musically. Unfortunately, the singer made the headlines for the wrong reasons. First of all his arrest in the United States over fake credit cards was shocking, to say the least. Thankfully he was found not guilty of the charges. When he came back to Nigeria, Dammy Krane decided to take shots at his colleagues. This made him trend once again for the wrong reasons.

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