Upcoming Artists: See 5 Things You Should Know Before Signing A Record Deal


You ask a label to sign you up for N5 MILLION, it simply means that, all the proceeds of the album must be sold without you getting a dime till they hit the N5MILLION mark + all your live performance profit sharing and any future royalties coming out from radio, t.v and movies.

3. Don’t believe the myth that if Channel O plays your video, they are helping you out. On the contrary, for playing your video, they must pay you your royalties; and don’t be afraid that they will blacklist you, it’s a music video channel, if they have no songs, there would be no channel and no advertisers for them. They need you more than you need them.

4. Never sign a contract that licenses your name and likeness or image to any label. Tomorrow, your name could be worth more than gold in terms of merchandising.

5. Lastly remember to read and sign any agreement with your label, distributor or producer no matter how small, whether it’s just for N5,000 or N5 million.

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