Health Benefits of Zobo Drink

Hibiscus sabdariffa which is produced from Roselle leaves and
popularly known as Zobo drink in Nigeria is a bright red beverage drink
which often serves as refreshment at parties.  Zobo contains various
healthy nutritional properties that’s needed for the body.

Zobo has a pleasant unique taste that makes the drink enjoyable. It
helps keep the body’s pH balanced because it doesn’t have white sugar in
it and is able to control blood sugar level for diabetic patients.

It’s refreshing and very effective to relieve one from thirst. Also
helps reduce hypertension, cholesterol level, and high blood pressure.
It contains mild anti-bacterial properties which aid the body in getting
rid of bacteria and worms in the body system.

Zobo is also beneficial for weight loss.  Of course in Nigeria most
of the food we consume is starchy and rich in carbohydrates which causes
weight gain. Studies however have shown that Hibiscus tea helps reduce
dietary carbohydrates, removes and lowers the absorption of starch and
glucose hence aids in losing weight.

If you always have Menstrual pain the good news is you can take Zobo
which relieves cramps. The drink does not contain acidic properties like
oxalic or urine acid, so can be taken by people suffering gout and
kidney stone diseases.

It’s known to treat loss of appetite and helps in boosting the body’s
immune system. It can be used also as a food supplement. It’s very rich
in vitamin C thus can serve as an excellent aid in fighting cold and
other infections which also acts as a natural cure to prevent fever.

The anti-oxidant substances rich in Zobo drink could prevent cancer.
Consuming any food or raw materials with anti-oxidant would
significantly strengthen the immune system especially in fighting free

Zobo drink has a calming effect that reduces stress and settles the nerves. It will be mostly enjoyed when served cold.


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