Top 6 Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea You Probably Never Knew

green tea has numerous benefits and these benefits have been proven.
Research shows that the beverage has the power to rid the body of excess
body fat as well as the ability to lower the risk of cancer and many
other incredible benefits.

recent studies have shown that the constant consumption of this
beverage can actually reduce body fat and boost metabolism. Below are a
few reasons to swap other drinks for this beverage.

Kill Bacteria And Lower Risk Of Infections

have shown that green has catechins that help kill bacteria and inhibit
viruses like influenza. They can lower the risks of infection and can
also reduce bad breaths for those with dental problems.

Lower Risk Of Cancer

Green Tea
is known to be one of the world’s leading causes of death, this is
caused by an uncontrolled growth of cells and they range from breast
cancer to prostate cancer among others. Green tea is known to contain
antioxidants capable of reducing risks of cancer.

Compounds In Green Tea Can Improve Brain Function

tea has a bit of caffeine that isn’t as much as that found in coffee.
It has enough to produce a response without causing the “jumpy” effects
of too much caffeine.
However green tea contains more than just
caffeine, it has amino acids L-theanine which is able to cross the
blood-brain barrier, it increases the ability working synergistically
with caffeine to improve brain function.

Lower Type II Diabetes

Green Tea
II diabetes involves having elevated blood sugar levels in the context
of insulin resistance. Multiple studies have shown that green tea can
improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels. A study in
Japan found out that individuals who drank more green tea had a 42%
lower risk of developing type II diabetes.

Improves Physical Well-being And Lower Risk Of Obesity

Green Tea
have shown that green tea has the tendency to increase fat burning and
increase the metabolism rate in the body. Another study showed that fat
oxidation was increased by 17%, indicating that green tea may
selectively increase the burning of fat.
helps reduce body fat, especially in the abdominal area. A particular
study had a controlled practical on 240 men and women for a period of 12
weeks, in this study the people taking green tea had a significant
decrease in body fat percentage, body weight, waist circumference and
abdominal fat.

Ideal To Be Consumed Anywhere, Anytime

tea can be consumed between meals. Since it has the potential to absorb
iron, drinking it between meals will ensure it’s not sucking up any
health benefits from other foods you are consuming.
Some studies
made on green tea don’t agree totally with the idea that it reduces fat
or increases metabolism rate. But from the little I have read and
practiced, I can testify of the wonders gotten from this simple yet
powerful beverage.


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