Fascinating Facts About Dreams You Should Know

Dreams and questions associated with it have always been a mystery
from the beginning. Why we dream? What they mean? The list of questions
are endless but the answers are blurred. However, here are some
fascinating facts about dreams.

Blind People Dream

who are born blind know nothing about images and colors. Yet, they see
auditory dreams. They listen to sound, recognize odor, and feel
vibrations in their dreams. Those who become blind later in life,
though, see images. Moreover, a Danish study shows that blind people
have more nightmares than sighted people.
90% Of Our Dreams Are Forgotten
dream 2
95% of our dreams are forgotten as we get out of bed. We spend nearly
one-third of our life asleep, and unfortunately we can’t remember most
of it. A study in the Journal of Adolescent health in 2011 showed that
adolescent girls were more likely to remember dreams as compared to
their male counterparts.
We Only Dream Of What We Know
dream 3
48% of people in our dreams are unknown to us as we sometimes see
strange faces in our dreams. But are they really strange and is our
brain creating those faces? No, they are real faces and we’ve seen those
faces somewhere in our life.
Few People Dream In Black And White
dream 5
most people dream in color, there are some percentage of people who
claim they dream without colors. They see dreams in black and white. A
2008 study at University of Dundee found that people who are only
exposed to black and white television during childhood are more likely
to see dreams in black and white.
Lucid Dreaming
dream 4
is a whole community of people who claim they have mastery in dreaming,
and have abilities to control their dreams completely, for
example, deciding where to go, whom to meet, and what to do in your
dream. They use different techniques to learn controlling their dream
and can do unbelievable things like flying, passing through walls,
traveling to different dimensions and even back in time. They are lucid
Dreams Inspire Inventions
dream 9
have always been inspiration for writers, as some have inspired
discoveries and inventions. Elias Howe who invented the sewing machine
claims it was inspired from one of his dreams. Also Larry page says the
Google idea was inspired from a dream, likewise Dimitri
Mendeleyev’s Periodic table, and many more.
Dreams Can Be Premonitions
dream 6
A forewarning over a future event.  There
are many cases where people claim they saw some events in their dream,
prior to its occurrence. Though some have disputed such claims to be
just mere coincidence, but these claims have had things happen exactly
in the same way as were seen in their dream.
Dream Inducing Drug- DMT
dream 7
(Dimethyltryptamine) is a chemical created in trace amounts by the
pineal gland during normal metabolism, and may be released in massive
amounts during birth, death, hallucinations. It can be used to create
dreams artificially. It is an illegal and most wanted psychedelic drug
which is rare to acquire. In an experiment with this intense
psychoactive compound between 1990-1995, Dr. Strassman found some
subjects experienced alien abduction, mystical, religious and saw things
which were not there.
Dreams Can Aid Learning
dream 8
learn things while dreaming may sound fictional, but it is not. A study
found that dreaming about a task we’ve learned is associated with
improved performance in that activity. In an experiment in 2010, 99
participants were asked to navigate virtual maze on a computer screen.
Half of them then allowed to sleep after the task and half were not
allowed. That study found students who dreamed about a computer maze
task they had learned showed a 10-fold improvement compared to
participants who didn’t dream.
Men vs Women Dreams

vary depending on gender, though there are some common dreams. A
women’s dream world is different from a men’s dream world. Women tend to
see more frequent and have nightmares than men, and more likely to
remember them as compared to men. While 67% characters of men’s dream
are other men, 48% characters in women’s dream are other women. Also,
while men often dream about aggressive encounters with other men, women
more often dream about family and familiar surroundings.

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