Ten Hottest Instagram Comedians In Nigeria

Sorry this list is coming out late, after days, we at T.I.N Magazine recently just concluded the personalities to be featured on this list.
Here we are going to show you the ten hottest and the best social media entertainers of year 2016 in Nigeria. And by “social media entertainers” or like the public call it; “instagram comedians” we mean people that have built their entertainment brand basically on platforms like; Instagram,YouTube,Twitter,Facebook and Snapchat.
This ranking is strictly based on; the kind of content they put up, how viral their videos went in 2016, how huge their audience grew this year and their influence on social media one way or the other.




This guy hit stardom on instagram this year alongside his little brother, they make several funny videos basically about activities in a Nigerian home. At the time of compiling this post he has 42k followers on instagram. We can surely tell you a lot of his videos trended on social media this year.

9. ELLEN BABY – IG: @ellenbaby89

Well, she is not Nigerian but her videos are mostly Nigerian oriented, she speaks fluent Nigerian pidgin in her videos and seem to know a lot about Nigeria and Nigerians. She doesn’t reside in Nigeria and we can’t exactly tell her nationality either but if there is one thing we know for sure its that she has a lot of Nigerian audience and a lot of her videos have gone viral this year even though many complain her videos are too sex oriented. She currently has over 100k followers on instagram.

8. WOLI AROLE – IG: @officialarole

Woli Arole

This guy blew really well on our social media this year. He came with his own unique style and he’s been expanding since then. He’s made a lot of influence amidst Nigerian students in universities on social media, caused several funny fights and more. Woli Arole have met and done funny videos with several celebrities in Nigeria, he is also a standup comedian.

7. AKANM D BOY – IG: @iamkanmi

The “Bad Gang” slogan crooner became more popular in year 2016 after his slogan and style of comedy went viral. His style obviously appealed to a lot of Nigerians because majority could relate, his influence became more obvious after celebrities and co comedians started mimicking his videos.

6. COMEDIAN EBIYE – IG: @comedianebiye

He is loved by his fans for making them “real comedy videos”, he is also a stand up comedian as well. We can tell for sure Ebiye became popular this year. Many of his videos trended on twitter and intsagram and even facebook. What makes him unique is that he doesn’t follow what the majority Nigerian social media entertainers do which is the “African home syndrome”. He has over 50k followers on IG.

5. CRAZECLOWN – IG: @crazeclown

Well, he is the king of instagram, we all know this , Dr Craze who is also a stand up comedian has grown his brand past social media and now more of a “show” person. He became a star alongside his partner known to many as “Ade”. Crazeclown has over a million Instagram followers and on his way to 2million. He did well creating contents for social media this year but obviously not as good as last year.

4. MARAJI – IG: @maraji_

Well, when you talk about entertainers she is a real entertainer, she is a dancer,lip syncher,commentator and more.. We can basically tell she had a great year with her audience drastic growth and how well she’s expand her brand. Maraji’s major base is instagram but she’s become a YouTube already, she has over 300k followers on instagram.


mark and emma

You all know this brand. This is the brand that features your little comedienne Emmanuella, a brand headed by Mark Angel has been quite a successful one within last 24months. With the kind of YouTube audience they have now they create and share their contents to millions of people every week. Their videos quickly go viral and are loved by many. With over 500k subscribers on YouTube this year, we can tell you for sure the brand had an amazing year.

2. BOBRISKY – SC: Bobrisky

He is quite the social media person of year 2016. We don’t know how but his snapchat followers obviously get entertained watching his snaps, with tens of thousand followers he is the most followed Nigerian on snapchat. This guy has caused a lot of controversies this year, and he is Nigeria’s no.1 male barbie. He has caused a lot of buzz on the internet. His snaps are reportedly seen by an average of over 30,000 ‘Snapchatters’ daily.
Even watching his interviews are entertaining.


So we have the person of the year here, Twyse by many has been classified “brilliant and creative”. But if there is anything that is obvious about him it would be hard work. After fighting depression earlier this year the instagram and youtube star came back stronger. Twyse post videos about a fictional family with several funny characters which he played all by himself, months later he launched an original series on YouTube called “Twyse and Family” played, written,directed and edited all by himself at the moment the series features up to 10 characters which he play all by himself and his costume perfects it. His costume is one of the things that make him much more different and professional than the others. As he is popular on Instagram so it is on YouTube, his channel is growing as he’s brand keeps growing in general. Well, he is a Nigerian but he resides in the U.K.
Twyse Ereme is the no.1 social media entertainer of year 2016.


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