Reasons Why You Should Eat The Cherry “Agbalumo” More Often

It is also called giant star apples  based on the configuration of
the seeds inside the fleshy fruit or Agbalumo/Udara based on local
The fruit which is botanically called Chrysophyllum albidum is found throughout tropical Africa, blooming between December and April in Nigeria.

The fruit is a favorite delicacy for adults and children alike as evident in its high rate of consumption when in season.
Like all other fruits and vegetables, the African cherry has a multitude of benefits that it offers on consumption.

off, it has an excellent fiber and roughage content. The fibre content
of African cherry provides bulk to your diet, making your stomach feel
fuller for longer. This can help reduce your food intake and
subsequently aid weight loss. This nutrient can also help protect you
from diabetes and some forms of cancer.
Secondly, The fruit
contains a generous amount of calcium which helps to allay cramps and
abdominal bloating. For growing children, the mineral is very much
important for bone formation, hence its high recommendation for intake.

The high content of vitamins and anti-bacteria properties in the fruit
helps in the treatment of sore throat, toothaches and constipation.
However, it is recommended that the fruit should not be used for
medicinal purposes without the approval of your physician.
The sour, tangy taste helps with vomiting or spitting and could be
recommended as  a temporary measure to halt anti-peristaltic movement.

to Matthew Felix, a consultant nutritionist, the fruit reduces
constipation, sore throat and aids digestion, which are also common
problems of pregnant women.
“It contains more vitamin C than many
other fruits; it is rich in calcium, iron potassium, phosphorous,
magnesium, tannins, flavonoids, terpenoids, and phytochemicals,” Felix
“Also, it has antioxidant properties that help to fight many
deadly diseases. It can also help lower blood sugar and treats heart


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