Health Tips: 6 Benefits Of Sperm You Don’t Know.

We have a surprising and exciting topic to share with you today, well, some of you may know little about this but you should know read and learn below.

Researchers have found that exposure to semen is good for women’s health because of the mood-altering chemicals of this body fluid. Earlier research had shown that these chemicals not just elevate mood, increase affection and induce sleep, but also contain vitamins and anti-depressants.

1. Elevates your mood
Doctors say that when women have an orgasm, then the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin is released and this helps to elevate their mood. Orgasm for men could work as an anti-depressant because the moment a man ejaculates he gets tremendous pleasure that gets rid of all worries and issues he might have.

2. Helps you deal with insomnia
Post a good time between the sheets, one is worn out and believes that it is the reason for the undisturbed sleep that follows. Studies say that whether one ingests semen or it enters your bloodstream vaginally, it helps you doze off better because it contains the chemical melatonin. This relaxes a person and helps to induce sleep.

3. Semen could lower depression
Women who are exposed to semen showed fewer signs of depression.

4. Semen in cocktails

Just like fine wine and cheeses, the taste of semen is complex and dynamic. It also has a wonderful texture and amazing cooking properties.

5. Sexing up your hair
Now you can do that quite literally! Salons abroad, use bull semen to give celebrity clients a shiny and strong crowning glory.

6. In facials too
The American actress Heather Deen Locklear was quoted saying that semen on the face can work as an anti-ageing product. Researchers have found that human semen has spermine which is a powerful anti-oxidant. It has been found to diminish wrinkles and smoothen skin. Now, the substance is synthesised in laboratories and sold by international companies.

Care must be taken when it comes to swallowing semen. It might have viruses, which could be transmitted if consumed. oral sex could lead to sexually transmitted infections (STIs), Hepatitis B and C, herpes, and Chlamydia, if there is an open sore in the mouth or if a person has gingivitis and bleeding gums.


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