Health Tips: Wow! You Should Checkout This Recent Research, Reviews Health Wonders Of Eating Egg

Well, as part of what we do here on T.I.N Magazine, we try to update recent health tips as quick as we get them, here is another one.

Scientists have just discovered that eating one egg each day reduces risk of suffering a stroke by 12%, thus eggs has no association with coronary heart disease (leading cause of death worldwide) as people were initially led to believe.

Researchers who conducted the study in the United States reached the conclusion by reviewing a host of studies published over a period of 33 years – between 1982 and 2015 – which involved more than 275,000 participants.

They found out – through evaluation of the relationships between eating eggs and coronary heart disease and stroke, that eggs has no relationship with heart disease, instead they suggests a possible beneficial effect of eating eggs on reducing the risk of stroke.

According to lead researcher, Dr. Dominik Alexander, of the EpidStat Institute, US, research is needed to understand the connection between egg consumption and stroke risk. He said:

“Eggs do have many positive nutritional attributes, including antioxidants, which have been shown to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. They are also an excellent source of protein, which has been related to lower blood pressure.”

Nutritional Qualities of Egg

As many people already know, one large egg contains six grams of high-quality protein and antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, found within the egg yolk, as well as vitamins E, vitamins D, and A. The E vitamins has previously been found to reduce the risk of future heart attacks in people with heart disease while lutein may help protect against clogging of the arteries.

It was reported that the finding has changed the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Hence, the new dietary guide encourages regular consumption of eggs among protein choices.

This systematic review and meta-analysis underscores prior research, showing the lack of a relationship between eggs and heart disease and now suggests a possible beneficial effect of eating eggs on the risk of stroke.’


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