As chioma ran out of the station, i threw a look at the officer who was
leading me to the cell and pleaded to him. “please i need just few
minutes to talk to my friend” i begged. He hesitated a bit before
shrugging in acceptance. Jboy quickly drew close, greeted the young
policeman and faced me. His face coloured with emotion as he stared all
over me. “dear me!. Chioma told me of your detention early this morning.
C’mon just look at you?” he cried with deep feelings.
“please try and calm Chioma down for me. Tell her anything, fabricate
any story. Just do your magic for me” i begged nervously. “Chioma isn’t a
problem. Of course i’ll talk to her. But my major concern is getting
you out of here. What do we do?” he asked seriously.
“You also have to talk to Mary. I can’t believe she went this far just
to punish me.

We could have settled things without involving the police.
I just don’t know. But please find her.” i begged.
All my hopes were now on Jboy. He was the only person capable of helping
me out. “Chioma brought food for you. Let me get it” he murmured with
concern. “damn! you are wasting time. I don’t need food. Just go find
Mary, i don’t want to spend another night here” i shouted, surprising
him with my outburst. He shrugged and drew back. “very well then. I
better be on my way” he said with a quick smile.
“Chioma is with my phone. Get it from her. I stored Mary’s number with
“MARY CHURCH” i added as he quickly left to perform the duty i sent him
to do.
I sat in my cell, anxious and prayerful.

I couldn’t wait to leave the
God forsaken place. All my hopes were on Jboy’s capabilities. I trusted
him with all my heart. Each time an officer came forward to open the
cell, I would stand hopefully, thinking he came for me. But Slowly night
crept in, shattering my hopes. I was left with no doubt that i would
spend another night in the miserable cell. The revelation left me
scared, alarmed and fearful. I thought over many things, I was very
Mosquitoes were everywhere attacking my poor weak body. The smelling
cell and weak noises from my cellmates couldn’t allow me think properly.
Tears fell from my eyes as I remembered my job. I feared i could lose
it if Mary’s issue wasn’t resolved fast. I thought over the senior
officer’s demand.
One fucking million Naira. “were do i get such money?” i wondered.

truly had a lot at stake. Early the next morning, I was given the same
special treatment as of the previous day. I was offered a cold bath and a
new underwear.
Minutes later, i was taken to an empty room, close to the reception
{office}. Jboy was there waiting for me. I heaved a high of relief and
quickly sat next to him. “it was hard negotiating with Mary. The witch
was bent on making you hang because she felt she lost you when she lost
the baby. I tried my best, even offered her big money but she refused”
he said quietly, dashing my hopes.
“but there is only one solution” he slowly added, stopping as if he was
afraid to continue. “damn you, spit it out” i urged nervously.
“MARRIAGE. I guess she will melt if you propose or give her a good
marriage assurance. She want’s you or nothing.
MARRIAGE my dear friend. MARRIAGE” he slowly announced, while i choked.

“what? Marriage?” i asked with a shiver. Jboy nodded saying nothing.
“alright, cool i don’t mind nor care. Just do whatever necessary to get
me out of here” i murmured with resignation.
“Are you sure about it?” he asked curiously, standing up. “just get me
out of here” i answered with a frown. “very well then. I have to go
bring Mary.
Just stay put, i’ll beg the officers to let you stay here and wait for
me” he said, tapped my left shoulder and hurried out. I sighed as i
watched him leave. “how on earth will i marry that old witch.
Hmmm well let me get out of here first” i reasoned with an evil smile.

It really was a long wait as i eagerly waited for jboy to return. Thanks
to the food he brought for me. My energy returned, giving me a chance
to reason very well. It took him two hours to show up, two long hours it
was. My eyes lightened up with relief as i saw him walk into the room
with the lady i saw with Mary the previous day.
“where is Mary?” i anxiously asked Jboy who quickly shrugged, saying
nothing. “i’m Mary’s elder sister. I’m here on her behalf against my
wish” The pretty old lady said coldly. I breathed deeply, giving her
full attention. “How could you?. Why do you guys with money think you
can manipulate and defile every girl you see?. We might be poor but my
sister is precious to me. Can you imagine the misery and agony you put
her through with your murderous act?. She couldn’t believe her fears
until she took three different tests which produced awful results.

 Everything is documented, we have given the police a copy, i guess you
need yours” she poured out, fetching an envelope from her handbag.
“madam please calm down. I know i erred but she shouldn’t have involved
the police. We are lovers, planning to get married” i pleaded solemnly,
but my plea infuriated her more. “shut up. Don’t just go there. If you
guys are about getting married, why drug and kill the baby she’s
carrying. A gift from God. A terrible sin in the eyes of God and Man, oh
you will burn in hell” she shouted angrily, while Jboy cleverly held
her hand, begging her to calm down. “remember what we discussed with
Mary earlier?.
My friend is willing to proceed with the marriage formalities as soon as
possible. Mary also agreed to drop the case because of it. Please let’s
forget the past and do the right thing” Jboy pleaded.
“i don’t just know what came over Mary to give her consent to this
rubbish marriage thing. Well let’s go meet the officer incharge of the
case” she hissed, eyed me and left with Jboy who happily winked at me as
they left.
I murmured quick prayers. “at last. Thank you God” i breathed. I
couldn’t wait to get out of my nig…


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