25 Interesting Photos Of Nigeria In The 19th/20th Century See How Nigeria Has Evolved

T.I.N Magazine brings to you a few old photos of how times has changed in this 21st Century.
Many things most of us didn’t witness, lets imagine it, how good was it back then? well, see from the few oldies below.


 Aerial View Of The Ancient Kano City(1950s)

Education In Nigeria. (1940s-1970s) https://36.media.tumblr.com/aaeb72e034fc55734669e803166872b8/tumblr_mmrwnfBw351s0i6geo4_r1_1280.jpghttps://40.media.tumblr.com/03194fb19165210309e990984561da8c/tumblr_mmrwnfBw351s0i6geo1_1280.jpg

Nigerian Chieves And Their Family(1800s)


A man and a lady on a motorcycle in Lagos Nigeria (1969)


 When Queen Elizabeth Met Nigerians. (1950s)

           Queen Elizabeth in Nigeria

Bornu trumpeters sounding the ” frum-frums.”(1910)


  Hausa Boys Kano, Nigeria 1950


Hausa BoysKano, Nigeria1950
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Transportation In Nigeria (1950s)

Transportation - Old

Nigerian Leaders Of Then
Nigeria Leaders - Olden days

Street  Styles In Ibadan (1940-1660s)


Vintage street style…Ibadan, Nigeria. 1960nigerianostalgia:

A mother and her sonOct 1st 1960
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Old Carter Bridge Lagos
Old Carter bridge Lagos

Ladies From The East,South And North(1920s-1930s)

Nigerian woman1950s-1960s

 Nigerian Youths Celebrating Valentine (1965)

Children At The Beach (1940s)

Children playing on a beach, 1940s

Carter bridge street scene, Lagos Island (1950s)
Carter bridge street scene, Lagos Island 1950s. Published by Federal ministry of Information

The Lagos Railway (1900s)
The Lagos Railway 1900s

A Nigerian Bride(1900s)
            A Nigerian Bride, 1900The clothes worn by the bride, the daughter of one of the most important chiefs in the oil rivers protectorate, now Southern Nigeria, is of native manufacture. Some of these cloths are very beautiful and exceedingly strong. The necklets, bracelets and hair ornaments are large pipes of real and valuable coral. The armlets are of ivory cut from elephants’ tusks’Vintage Nigeria

Central bank of Nigeria, Lagos (1950s)
 Central bank of Nigeria, Lagos

As you can see in the photos, Nigeria has really evolved a lot since then which is a wow thing, so imagine what Nigeria would look like in the next century or lets say in the next 50years?
So much developments still coming, lets keep welcoming them.

The photos were collected from Nigerian Nostalgia Project

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