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FULL NAME:             
Hadiza Blell

DATE OF BIRTH:       August 14th

OCCUPATION:          Singer, Model


Di’Ja, is a Sierra Leonean-Nigerian singer, visual artist, fashion designer and songwriter. She is currently signed to Mavin Records.  She gained limelight after joining Mavin records in 2013 and with the release of her hit single “Aww” in 2014 her fan base increased.


Di’Ja has lived in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, the United States and Canada. Her mother is from Kaduna Nigeria and her father is from Sierra Leone. At a young age, Di’Ja committed herself to academia and earned a double degree in Biology and Psychology. After earning the aforementioned degrees, Di’Ja became passionate about music, art and philosophy.

Her pasion for music had something to do with her parents collection of old CDs; her mum especially and she thinks it’s innate.
According to her, her are amazing people who have contributed in
making who she is today through the upbringing they gave her. Her childhood
was colorful, which has translated to her life at this stage always
being colourful. She has an older brother who’s her best friend. Family,
for her, is priority.

She grew up in Kaduna, which is always home for her, it is also where it all started. She moved to further her education, then got
called back home again. Her professional music career was started by a
friend, Aman Manhas signing her up for a singing competition in Canada,
called the Beat Music Awards. She
never looked back since. 
When asked in an interview the influence of being of two different country in her music;

You have a Nigerian and Sierra Leonean parentage. Has that influenced your career?

I believe that it is a great privilege to have mixed parentage. It
allows you to be more tolerable of other people. For me, this
opportunity to have many cultures within my family and other people has
opened my mind to a lot of things. It has given me more boldness to
express different thoughts. I use Hausa and pidgin in my lyrics. It is a
necessary blend because I feel different people from different places
would be able to relate with me.

The singer is fan green colors and also like Garri Ijbeu+Beans as one of her fav. meals



Her music career started in 2008. In 2012, Di’Ja released several singles including “Dan’Iska (Rudebwoy)”, “Hold On (Ba Damuwa)” and “How Can We Be Friends”. She was in Canada when she released those songs, those songs showed her talent to the fans she had then.

In 2009, she released her first single “Rock Steady” which was nominated
for Best Urban/R&B Single at the 2009 Canadian Radio Music Awards.
Moreover, she won the Best New Artist award at the 2008 Beat Music
Awards which was quite a boost to her her career back then in Canada.

Her manager was the one that gave her the opportunity to meet Don
Jazzy. It was the best day of her life because she didn’t expect it. Her manager
told her they were going to a studio to meet with a producer. She didn’t know
it was Don Jazzy. When they got to the studio, she was sharing her songs
with some of the guys around when Don Jazzy walked in. ”
It was both exciting and scary” she says. Don Jazzy listened to two of her songs. Don Jazzy liked the songs.

She was technically in the pipe-line for consideration for 8 months. They worked and created songs together to see the chemistry between the
rest of the crew and her. After Don Jazzy confirmed her talent he offically signed her to the record label.

On February 14, 2014, Don Jazzy announced the addition of Di’Ja to Mavin Records. Her first official single under Mavin Records
was also released on February 14, 2014. The song, which is titled
“Yaro”, is an up-tempo celebration of love and commitment against all
odds. It infuses Hausa and Krio dialects in honour of her Nigerian and Sierra Leonean roots.

In May 2014, Di’Ja was featured on “Dorobucci” alongside label mates Don Jazzy, Dr SID, Tiwa Savage, D’Prince, Korede Bello and Reekado Banks. In May 2014, an animated video was released for “Dorobucci”. As of 21 June 2014, “Dorobucci” has received over 12 million downloads since its release. Di’Ja was featured on “Arise” alongside Don Jazzy and Reekado Banks.

Later same year she was featured alongside other mavin crew in hit songs like; Adaobi,Looku Looku.
In December 2014, she released her biggest hit single so far “Aww” a song which was quite accepted by a lot of hiphop fans in Nigeria and Africa. The single topped so many charts as her fan base increased. The video gained a lot of views on youtube and single is considered among the top hit

singles of 2015.
Di’ja have since then gone on many concerts tour outside Nigeria. Which makes 2015 a great one for her music career.
In An Interview She Was Asked About Her Stature;

Do people think they can intimidate you because of your size?
Yes, but the mind is a beautiful thing. I
am such an odd human being and my mind really helps me. If someone
comes to me as a lion, I can literally turn them to a pussy cat by my
imagination and they will not look so scary anymore. I feel we try to
intimidate people, not because we are mean or wicked, but because it is
all we have. It is something that is innate; maybe because we feel the
world is not big enough for all of us or we should not all do the same
thing. We have to realise that the world is big enough for others. We
may not be as successful as the other man, but if we realise that, we
will live and do all that we do.



Been nominated for a couple awards and won som;

Won 2008 Beat Music Awards Best New Artist

Signed a multimillion naira endorsemnt deal with telecom giant GLO.


Was rumored to have been in a fight with Tiwa Savage about some competition between them in 2014, a rumor which was later debunked by her.
DI’JA And Mavin Groud
DI’JA On stage

Glo endorsemnt


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